I really feel, personally, that this year has been a very big year not only for myself, but for 6TWO1. It's really the first month I've sat back and reflected fully on the opportunities that have been presented to myself because of what I created a few years ago in a Hotel room in Los Angeles (I'm sure its not the first accident to have happened in a Los Angeles hotel). I am very proud of my work, it's become work. I hope for it to one day be my main source of income from the shop that I am slowly building a parts portfolio on. But that is all for the future, this post is a round up of the year I have had. I have noticed on the Facebook a lot of new "likers" recently, so I am sure most of them have not seen the back catalog, so here's a chance for them to catch up & for the readers that have stuck around, a chance to re-cap! My year started off heading to Southampton to get some images for a couple of Magazine features I had lined up. Paul Curry at the time owned this mint EK9. Which you can see here : Paul Curry EK9 ek9 front These were the 3 cars I was there to photograph. car group Simon Kearns s2000 was another.. Simons Spoon S2000 S2000 Followed by Ben's Supercharged DC5.. Supercharged DC5 Dc5 A very spontaneous decision to go up to Ultimate Dubs was made the night before, such a long journey but always a good day out for a few hours, lol. Ultimate Dubs 2012. img ralley I then posted about some updates regarding my own car, including Coilovers & wheels fitting. My DC5 Updates DC5 Next was the magazine feature for a good friend of mine Sam Brazier's previously EG6. sam brazier eg6 eg6 The first of the behemoth London based Honda meets then came around in the form of South Mimms - South Mimms Part 1 mimms dc2 South Mimms Part 2 dc2 South Mimms Part 3 dc5 I also hooked up with Kai Foo of Night-kids for a photoshoot day This Scooby was a pleasure to shoot espcially since it is now back in America with its owner. Subaru scooby scooby Also, Andrews 650bhp Gtr is a serious car. Very glad to have shot it. GTR GTR gtr GTR These are some unposted images that I finally can put out there.. The Civic is owned by "JDMGRAM" Check his Instagram account, has so many more followers than me lol. civic Civic civic Civic girls Also this Skyline was also on set.. skyline skyline skyline Skyline lights Then I headed to Holland once again to see the Dutch friends I have made over the years & also hit up JAF. First off was a visit to RSP where I got some pretty nice pictures of an NSX... RSP rsp Later that same day I headed on down to the Foodstrip with the gang to get some dirty food & hang out with the Efella guys too. Foodstrip sedan Early one morning Jos & his girlfriend picked me up from the hotel to get some images of his civic.. Civic Cvici My whole trip to Holland was incredible, I think one thing I love about car scene's is everyones willingness to work together. At the end of the day all I am is a guy with a camera, but I've met some great people along the way. I got introduced to Showoff Imports owner Ronald, owner of this incredible DC5 race car. I still see facebook pages to this day sharing these photos, Zero credit put my way until Ronald see's & always tags me! DC5 Race car DC5 race car That photoshoot was actually done in the pitlane at JAF before all the track time started. This is the show that proceeded... JAF Part 1: Part 1 JAF Part 2: Part 2 JAF Part 3: Part 3 arndol drift evo Also whilst at the track, I got some images of Arnolds Track car. Which has since been written off.. Arnolds Time Attack EK Ek That wasn't the only track car that I got to do a shoot of, this one was also published in a magazine.. NSX NSX NSX One of the most memorable & favourite shoots of this year was defiantly this next one. Lex K20 EG Very spur of the moment but ended up awesome. Great car that was owned by a great guy. EG eg Back in England & I made the trip to Oxford, unfortunately the Rain ruined the plans of getting a bunch of photoshoots of each car, but the meet that followed was still good enough content to post. Hond-R meet Ek hond r accord ek9 Shortly after this, I had another Milestone trip, this time to LA for the Eibach Honda meet. The scale of how awesome this was for me was insaine. I have wanted to attend this meet since 2007 when i first come across a photoset of it on Honda-tech and saved every image to my laptop haha. I still have the same laptop and all the images saved! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 teddy ek coupe Girls Also on my trip I had been in contact with Ryan from Rywire to which he kindly allowed me access to his shop for the day, it was awesome to meet him & the guys at Rywire, who's products are now available directly through me. So get a quote before you buy from anywhere else!! As im sure not many of the other UK Retailers can say they've been to where your item will have been made.. rywire Rywire Ek hatch K20 coupe S2000 Whilst at Rywire, Ryan introduced me to Alex of Balade Sports... Balade Sports balade sports I really hate wasting time. I also hate doing nothing. I had a morning free in LA before heading back home so dropped wheel manufacture Rotiform an email and asked if I could head over for the morning, they replied saying sure thing. Rotiform Roti roti Back in England & one of my favourite events hosted by Scene Media - Scene Media BBQ Scene Media sm First one was Chris Blackmans SIR CRX. CRX CRX Also, I had my first Banzai Magazine feature & it was of one of my close friends Chris Purr's EK Civic. Very honoured to have been the guy to do it. Banzai Feature Civic Civic 6TWO1 Exclusive feature of Glenn Osborne's EG. STILL The only full shoot of it online! Trust me you'll see this A LOT in 2013. Glenns EG6 Eg Eg eg On a bit of a whim 6TWO1 attended the Bovingdon show, this is a new show but it was a fun day out none the less Bovingdon show bovingdon show bov bov Edition 38 was soon Upon us. Being first through the gates ment I got to get a lot of images. Edition 38 mk2 mattblue still one of my favourite photos from the year. Mk1 orange Spur of the moment local meet Essex Pictures local essex Players 6.0 .. Players Players plaers players I went to hang out with Chris Purr for the weekend of Mimms, getting a little video whilst we were hanging out Civic The Final South Mimms meet was upon us. Mimms Final time to have a real catch up with all of the Honda guys before the year drew to a close.. Its now at a point though were other Marques of cars will attend civic DC2s Then a trip to Las Vegas come about. completely off the cuff, but I managed to get entrance into Sema and I felt this trip may lead to new ventures now we have a fully working Online store on the site too. Just so happens, through INSTAGRAM I managed to get in contact with Chivas, who owns an incredibly well known Honda Civic coupe. Thankfully, he is an awesome guy and offered to pick me up, take me to meet his friends at a local car meet & when that got shut down by the police, we headed to a different location to get some shots. Chivas CHivas Civic Civic bay Another car that joined us for the shoot was Mateo's TSX. Mateo's TSX Accord Accord There were also a couple more cars there, but time means I havnt been able to get these edited & up yet. But They will be up within the next couple of weeks! SOARER Accord Coupe on CCWs. CCWS It just so happened whilst I was over in Vegas, Joey Lee had arranged his annual The Chronicles Birthday celebrations in LA. so I hoped on a plane as I just could not miss this. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Rywire S2k tactical art I still havnt got all the Sema stuff online as I have just been overwhelmed with other things to be doing. These will all be live in the next few weeks like I said. Will try saturate it all down a bit to get it moving. Sema Part 1 Part 2 What will you see from 6TWO1 next year? Well a lot of the same Honda focused material for sure. I know where my roots are and I know what i enjoy. so that will never go. I also want to bring you more coverage from other types of events, from Extreme Sports to other car focused events. Also bringing you availability of more products through the store. Heres some shots of my friend Sam Pilgrim Sam pilgrim sam pig sam I also am Hosting 6TWO1 : IMPACT. Which would be awesome to get more people attending. Sunday 9th June 2013 at colchester football stadium; all of your support is greatly appreciated. IMPACT FB GROUP Impact Here's to 2013. ad1 thrll //www.PureCarModify.com/product-category/merchandising-clothing/impact/