Hey everyone! 

Welcome to the first blog post on the brand new 6TWO1 Website.

I finally made the move from Opencart over to Shopify, hoping that it makes the website itself a bit easier for you guys to use and more enjoyable on the backend for me to work with. 

I wanted to just open up the blog again with a bit of a heartfelt message.

I started PureCarModify.com 10 years ago, I remember opening up a free wordpress blog and just documenting my holidays, i think got given a camera for my birthday and started shooting occasionally at car shows. 

I also used to set up little car meets in Colchester, that would get maybe 10-15 cars turn up and I can always remember thinking,wow thats so awesome! 15 people came! haha. Ah man honestly i look back and everything was so exciting back then. Just everything.

I never ever thought that over the years of me just picking up a cheap camera & writing down my thoughts & experiences, would I ever have a company which has been so well received by so many. 

Turning 21 and buying my first ever Type R (Seen above) was probably one of the most important things to happen in my adult life in terms for my passion for cars. The DC5 to me, was just the ultimate Honda (With the NSX being so far out of my price range & Almost all of them being write offs) I just absolutely adored this car. It took me all over the country & Some of europe, mostly on my own. Doing Free Photoshoots, handing out free stickers, really just trying to promote my brand and give people some nice photos of their car in exchange for blog content. 

I loved this car, so so much. 

Over the years, PureCarModify.com really got recognised for the Honda background, i think this was mainly down to most of the people I hung out with and shot cars with all had honda's & I cannot pretend i wasn't completely obsessed by the brand back then. But I always have loved over brands of cars. 

Ever since I had access to the internet, I used to live on 2 american forums 1 ) HondaTech & 2) NWP4LIFE 

Now for those who have never heard of these. This is really where the Honda scene was before there was a honda scene. LA was prodominant, the west coast reigned supreme online for sure. East coast 100% has caught up now but back then, Eibach Honda meet was THE event for me to look at, on an old harddrive I still have photos saved from every single photographer. 

This made these US built cars hero cars for me, and a few years in I ventured over to America & I messaged one guy who had one of my favourite builds, Chivas & his Sunkist Coupe.

With him being such a gentleman & so welcoming, It made me so much more confident to just message everyone else who's car I enjoyed and see if I could arrange shoots for them too, no charge obviously, as it fucks me off so much when someone messages you offering their services and wants you to pay for it. 

Kyle Crawford was another guy who I'd always looked up too, his photography was amazing & he had built this EF which i'd been following online too, we finally met in person at HDay NJ & we got on so well, i stole his car for a little shoot too. Just another personal highlight of my time doing PureCarModify.com. 

Later down the line, i finally had my heart broken by a girl & We've all been there lads, we make rash decisions lol. I ended up booking what was probably the single most important trip of my entire life. To this day, Ive still never experienced anything like it. Japan, 2015. 

I rented myself a DC5 Type R and just went and fucking LIVED. I visited all the tuning shops, got lost in a mountain pass, drove from Tokyo to Osaka & just embraced being alive. It was amazing. Absolutely amazing. 

Doing a track day with NOGOODRACING & OSAKAJDM Will be a highlight of my life 

 As well as the Loop run. Unbelievable, so many people ask me how I managed this opportunity and the only way i can explain it is, by having a true connection with someone who had access to it, this is not something you can just buy an experience for. I felt truly honoured.

Back In UK, i had my own little selection of Honda's I was caring for, but there was about to be a glitch in the matrix. 

Drifting. Drifting got me. I did my first drift day and ever since I have been HOOKED.

My unrelenting search for happiness has took me all over the world, I've been lucky enough to have some great experiences and make some incredible friends. Do you remember earlier in the blog about me saying I'd been heartbroken & this lead to my best ever experience ?

Well, annoyingly, I've recently suffered this again. I'm on the recovery from it all now, but instead of kicking my heals and feeling sorry for myself anymore, I want to take that energy and put it back into where my passion lies, which I believe is being creative around cars. Blogging, Vlogging, driving & building. Its time to inject a new lease of life into this blog, into my car life & everything surrounding it.

My plans for 2020 as a brief is simple. Live to the fullest. I started this when i was 20 years old, I'm 30 now, fucking 30, I'm old as shit, I've lost my hair, I've become a moody old man, but I'm back on the up, today, of all days i believe my focus is back. 

I want to drift, drifting really makes me happy. I want to get my Civic EG6 completely finished, I have all the parts now but just awaiting having them all fitted & the car completely checked over. i want to create more enjoyable videos to watch. So i will try that very soon too. I just want to create, give people something to enjoy & Me enjoy it myself.

 The next blog post you will see is on the GR Yaris. Its a long, in-depth heartfelt post. So I hope you'll tune back in to give that a read.

If you want to support PureCarModify.com, we still have a bunch of merchandise & stickers available. Your support means the world, I want to make sure this brand is something you will represent with pride.

Thank you so much everyone.


Adam Ivell.