6TWO1 had to take a small back seat for a while. I want to be completely open and honest one day about everything. But we had a couple incidents from internal situations with staff leaving, not being able to find suitable replacements, starting to work full time with the family business, all of it just got a bit too much, a bit on top of me. I couldnt focus on it like I had that made the company so great in the first place.

I really loved this company, and i will be forever grateful for those who have supported in any way, shape or form along the way.

This is NOT a goodbye post. 

In fact, its quite the opposite. Recently I have partnered with a very talented web designer who has a full team, who will help manage the website, pricing, stock etc. 

While that allows me to work with customer relations, Processing orders & creating new products for our clothing line. 

I like to believe I lived the Icarus story. Got a bit too close to the sun & got burnt. But just down to who I am, If i want & love something, I do not give up. 

Recently I have been working on the site, making it look great, working out what brands we want to focus on & creating a great online up for car parts, where customers feel welcome to call at any point during working hours & if I'm not about, drop a message on whatsapp or email.

A lot has changed in my life too. Going from creating this whole thing in my bedroom of my parents house, to owning a house, a dog, a whole new Job on the roster to which I will get too in the future.

Check the discounts here! 

But during all of this, I've carried on taking photos, living the now memories to the fullest. I have so much content to share, but during the years blogging really died off. It had its hay-day & I had a fantastic time doing it. But the money disappeared & we all need to pay our bills! Youtube took over & People preferred video, & now it seems people prefer 10 Second vertical videos, which I think can be fun too! But I just miss blogging. I miss it a lot.

So here we are. 

2022 & I am back, opening up the website to write a blog post. I've given you all a little snippet of what to come. I have a lot to get through & It will take time remembering the best way to do this. I want to do this. That is the difference now. I have been absolutely craving a creative outlet that isn't judged off of views & Interaction. I just love taking photos & writing.

So here we are. 6TWO1 Blog is back. I am back & with that, MEETS ARE BACK! But at a new location...

I'm looking forward to sharing the world through my eyes for you. 

Thanks for signing back in. I cant wait to show you everything I have, and everything to come. Some stuff is from a while back, but I promise its pretty good stuff.

Adam Ivell.