It’s so crazy to me to think how long I’ve been doing this now. 6TWO1 really has been my whole life, for 7 years this year. I started this silly little blog 7 years ago, not all the files are still here. Not everything still exists as it once was, if you’d had asked me 7 years ago what I’d be doing now I’d have just shrugged and said I dunno, I would never ever have thought I’d literally be living the dream.


Some kids dream that they will grow up to be the next Ronaldo or Messi, some kids grow up wanting to be the next Lewis Hamilton, I grew up just knowing I wanted to do something, anything with modified cars. I’d get Max Power & Fast car religiously, redline too, just to check out how people customised their cars, the next big trend, it just captured my imagination and I knew, that truly was what I wanted to do. 

As I grew up, Honda’s became the object of desire for me. Something about this Japanese brand just made me feel so good, I still remember my first ever real VTEC experience. S2000 on my work placement before I left school, it was incredible. Now, I literally travel the world, shooting and filming some of the best Hondas, LITERALLY IN THE WORLD - All self funded & with only the help of my family. I don’t just mean my actual blood family, but they’re 100% included in this too, but I mean you guys. 

The guys and girls who read the blog, who watch the videos, who buy the merchandise and now, even buy our very own branded car parts, all because you guys believed in me, even if you didn’t at the start, I hope I’m winning you round, because trust me, I see these other companies doing what they do and I don’t see any of them who have such a personal, honest & open relationship with their customers. 

I feel very, very honoured to be in this amazing position I am, and I fully intend to do the best with it as I can. 

I know the blog has been neglected & I’m always as honest as possible with you, I lost the love for it. 

Video is now #1 for us, to get our message out to you - But this trip I’ve just been on in Ireland has me so excited to blog, to be behind and in-front of the camera! For me my youtube is so exciting, I love it. But I always have an almost guilty conscience knowing I neglect the blog, i have shoots from years ago i never posted just because I couldn’t be bothered to find the extra few hours to do it. 

This is just me learning how to juggle everything as 6TWO1 grows, its been 2 years since i opened up the speed store, and what a learning curve thats been for me.

This year has seen me employee a few people & even though some of them didn’t work out - Im very proud to announce taking on Tom Peck to our line up, he has a lot to learn, but I believe in him and the roll i feel he has in my company. 


He is one of my best friends, I’m fully aware; WE are fully aware of the risk of working with your friends, but when your business is such a personal, one to one, honest and open company, its hard to “Teach” the way we work.

I’ve tried, but we just haven’t felt the true connection with anyone yet apart from Emma.

I feel Emma is a true diamond in our company now and fully understands the relationship we have with our customers, with what we do online and offline.  Emma is back in the shop now after some time off recovering from some stuff she had going on and I’m really glad to have her back! Along with the addition of Tom Peck to our line up, I really feel our team is the strongest its ever been. 

I’m hoping with Peck as a new addition it takes some of the stress of the general day to day running of the shop & Online shop off me so i can focus once again on growing this business even bigger, even better. 

I don’t want you to be worried about the service you will be provided, i want you to know its all but guaranteed when you buy from 6TWO1. You are 6TWO1, our customers, our family. 

I really hope you will come down and enjoy our next Honda meet @ the shop on the 4th of September. 

more info on our meet can be found here :

Thank you once again for all your amazing support over the years, I truly believe i can say this and mean it - We’re just getting started.