Morgan recently got this stunning Milano Red DC2 Type R. He came to me just before Christmas for a set of coilovers & a whole lot of DOWNSTAR V3 Washers for his engine bay. DC2 I text him asking if he had fitted them up yet, I cannot help but be very excited every time someone buys a set of the coilovers as they are by far my favourite product we sell. He replied saying he hadn't so I rounded up the troops and invited him over to our secret unit in the evening to get them fitted! DC2 DC2 DC2 We even had Dan S down for the weekend, so was cool to have him over helping out pete DC Pete working on the front, pure team effort! DC DC FRONT DC Love how a car looks up on axle stands.. Coilovers ready to go on... LCA bolts... Zak Zak Adjusting the rears.. Neo One of our Neo Gear Knobs Morgan also purchased ! Rear Coilovers on, not wound all the way down because it had gotten really late, but It will be much better to drive now.. Coilovers Coilovers on, car looks so awesome. I want a DC2 so badly. Rear Rear From the rear! Cant wait to see it adjusted and sat properly, but for now it looks awesome! Thank you Morgan for opting for 6TWO1 Coilovers. Thank you for reading! Adam