Hey everyone! This year, my new years resolution is to get the blog pumping out some great coverage and features for you yet again. After doing this for over 6 years, I lost the love for it, focusing more on the work side as the company got bigger, as you will appreciate it takes a lot of man hours to get a business up and running, and to sustain a healthy reputation its even harder. Lug nuts advert But I have tried my absolute best which has now led to now, which I have Emma now working with me to help run behind the scenes, all the paperwork stuff I sucked at which kept getting me in trouble with the accounts team. Now the company is running great, business is doing great so I thought it was time to get back to basics, how 6TWO1 Started. I did a few photos with my gear at home but I normally just use the lens from the Canon box pack, I'm not sure what it is, if you know me you'll know I pay very little attention to details like that, only to what really fuels my fire. I asked an old friend who shoots for Monster energy & Fueltopia which lens he would advise and he told me to buy a Canon 24-70mm II, so I did! I got it yesterday evening and decided today to go get some photos of my DC5 with it to see how it performs.... It did NOT disappoint! Now for my favourite part, talking about my DC5! DC5 front Front DC5 DC5 front I love how the details of the Dc5 is captured now with this Lens. My god it looks beautiful! Engine bay Dc5 Engine My poor DC5 has had a hard winter, being parked up for a few months then used through out this horrible weather is enough to make me cringe, it only gets a cheap wash for now as it needs doing every couple of days. But It will be getting a full detail by 3D-Detail before the good weather hits! At least it now lives in a garage over night! J's Rad cap Washers I still love the Downstar V3 Washers, available here : //www.PureCarModify.com/product-category/downstar/ Recaro's 15 years on, the Recaro's are still in fantastic condition. We are also now Recaro' dealers ! So hit us up for pricing! adam@PureCarModify.com Gear knob R Our Neochrome PureCarModify.com weighted gear knob still looks great after over a year of use, along with the Integra Type R plaque... Personal wheel Personal Interior I still cannot get over it being 15 years old, and looking this modern! I love this car. The interior is such a nice place to be... Personal The new Personal Pole Position wheel I fitted last wheel is incredible, the design is beautiful and the feel... just amazing! We can get these in for you! Adam@PureCarModify.com.. Dials interior status error Supporting my brother up in Scotland Status Error! Spoiler The Spoiler on the Dc5 is in my opinion, the perfect design. Rear light DC5 DC5 integra Badge HARNESS ADVERT Sticker Badge headligth Wheel Integra Type R I Still love this car so much. I've made the mistake in the past of expecting to much from them and giving up & selling it before I really learn to enjoy it. I'm past looking flashy now, Im beyond trying to show off. I just want to be happy. The Integra Type R makes me happy. It might be a 15 year old car now, but this 15 year old car puts a smile on my face every single time I look at it. I'm having the bumpers painted next week, and wheels refurbed shortly. I'll film the videos for youtube also! Thanks for looking! I hope you enjoyed the photos with the new lens. Cannot wait to do more now! Adam HARNESS ADVERT Lug nuts advert