Today I've spent playing around with a couple of my cars. I'm getting a nice little collection of older less wanted models of civics with a CRX thrown in the mix. I love getting older cars that are ready to be binned off & giving them a new leaf of life! All the while though, I have that one special car. My Civic EG6 is my favourite Honda I've ever owned. As you may have seen Honda Diaries has slowed down, but will be back. But until then here you can see how it is sitting now... Side EG6 I still love the Spoon Lip on the front, mixed with the J's racing vent & the Tegiwa on the passenger side... Civic The car is also lowered on our Coilover kit Front The Denji headlight unit finishes off the front end perfectly. Also increases visibility while driving at night. Rear Spoiler Spoiler Osaka JDM spoiler is still one of my favourite add ons to the car. I love how it looks ! EG With the Carbon Bonnet up, which was lacquered by Absolute body repair, you can see whats lurking underneath. Its still currently the original B16a2 but with a Bloodsports cam cover, downstar dress up spikes, Arsenal FC socks, Toda Manifold... EG EG6 EG6 I also have the V3 Neo Chrome Washers by Downstar & the Spoon Sports Rad Cap EG6 Love Love this photo... Well, I hope you've enjoyed seeing an update on the EG6, I've got many plans for this car but only as and when cash allows. Big changes are coming ! Almost every part you see in the post is available via us, in store or on our Speedstore section of this very site! Thank you for reading !