Time for an update on the 6TWO1 EG6. Soon I have another announcement for the blog which you will have already seen if you follow on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or even the dreaded Facebook, but I will do so once I have some nice photos. EG Osaka JDM have been creating some awesome spoilers for the older gen Honda's for some time now. As an avid follower of their work at Car Craft Boon (also known as Osaka JDM) I saw on their facebook page they had the Creator of the Rocket Bunny kit in doing some work for their Devil Wing EG Spoiler they were creating. I knew after seeing the rendering I HAD to have one. It looked beautiful. I messaged Kazuhiro Furukawa on facebook regarding importing some in for 6TWO1, we agreed a fee and I awaited the spoilers! upon arrival I drove it straight to the bodyshop, didnt even get any photos I was so keen just to get it painted & finally today I got to pick it up! Spoiler I actually fitted it at the body shop, couldn't even wait until I had got back to the speedstore! Osaka Jdm The fit is perfect, the design is stunning. It finishes off the rear of the Civic perfectly. rear rear Its so refreshing to see a different type of spoiler on the EG. The Spoon Spoiler has always reigned supreme but now there is a new kid on the block! rear rear Rear side on you can really see the nice shape at this angle... rear rear rearside We can supply these spoilers for you, handling all shipping fee's, import & custom dutys so there is no hidden charges for you, for £285 I can have one delivered to your door as long as you're in the Mainland uk! We are re-stocking these today, so get your orders in asap! //www.PureCarModify.com/product/osaka-jdm-eg-devil-wing-spoiler-uk-stock/ art