Wow its been a long time coming this post but I'm so relieved to say, FINALLY after almost 1 and half years of product testing, redesigning & more testing, our Ep3 (And DC5) coilovers are FINALLY done! EP3 PREORDER They are all produced, boxed up & ready to be on our next container from our factory, which is due to dock Middle of August!! Our final test set is sat on our demo car owned by Pete Halsey, a good friend of ours who previously had some BC Racing fitted which let him down, so I asked him to be our tester on these. Ep3 1 Lowered Ep3 2 The Car had to have one extended tie rod to cue the TOE issue which can be created by the Version 1s. But we also have been in secret developing an S.B Model, which Eliminates this all together! Which upon arrival I will be doing some explaining !! Civic Side on You can see how beautifully the car sits on the kit, which has some adjust-ability left. Rear Pete gave our kit the Ultimate test. He hit up the Nurburgring just after fitting the kit, he had an amazing trip & topping it off for us his car handled excellently ! Rear I for one, am so excited for this product to arrive. I know how many people have been waiting on these & thank you for your preorders. This is just the start! EP3 PREORDER Adam