So it's been a while since I did a writen post regarding my Civic. The project has come on leaps & bounds recently. As you may have seen from the Youtube series, The brakes are fitted, I've stolen Pete's Bride seat & Takata harness, which he can have back soon as my own seats will be arriving. But tragedy struck after the recent South Mimms meet! Well, not really but I managed to snap a driveshaft clean in half. Had to leave it at work overnight & the next morning the AA man arrived to help me out. broken Thankfully, the AA guy was awesome, a Ford enthusiast owning Escort's & Sierra cosworths, Initially I had been scared about what it could be, i could see the pounds in my bank account disappearing as I sat at my desk wondering what it could be, so when he said it was a driveshaft i was relieved! Ever more so that Hoho messaged me saying he had a set I could have! Awesome! Eg hgd Although this is annoying, I guess it gives us the change to film another honda diaries, which we are really having to slow down now as I fund the EG with my own money and the mod's planned next are expensive, which im not ready to spend that sort of cash, there will be a few more with the car but Im going to be branching out soon & will need YOU, the UK Honda owners to help me! I want you to email me in pictures & a speclist of your car - you may be up for a call back to come hang out at the speed store for the day & get filmed for the newest addition to the Youtube Line up. !! eg eg eg I had no fear that my little beast would get up on to the ramp, its at a ride height which is functional but looks awesome too.. Loaded up & ready for the journey back to the Honda Diaries garage... Eg loaded up Back home safe & sound, I will post more information very soon regarding what is up next for the youtube channel! eg Thank you for reading! please follow Honda Diaries on facebook at ad1