6TWO1 started because when I was a lot younger, I used to organise regional Honda meets for said website. 6TWO1 spawned really off the back of me taking photos at these meets & chucking them up on the website. It spiraled out of control & ever since I've just been riding the roller coaster that is life on top of it. I never forget where I came from and my deep seeded roots within the Honda scene, occasionally I enjoy taking a weekend out & hosting a Honda meet on site at the shops premises & taking over everyone elses car parking space for the day! I always get a bit nervous that no one is going to come to the meets, normally this is due to me putting up different times for it to start haha, but once the first few arrived & the ball got rolling the day was awesome It's great to know my friends still support me & Stand by what I do, the first batch to arrive were the same people that have been coming to my meets since the very first one back in 2008.. I invited local food vendors down too, as I didnt really want people coming & going to tesco constantly all day. One thing I am very proud of with 6TWO1 is that it caters for everyone. From the track day enthusiast to the hardcore stance fitment crazed lover. At our meets we have a very varied display of amazing cars, where owners can mix, share ideals, create friendships... Erm... Well I snapped this picture & didnt really take much notice when I initially got it, but once it was edited it had to go online, you know for Petes confidence.   Dan is a friend of ours who I wish lived closer. He's a top lad and made the journey down from Pontefract in his UK Dc2 with a JDM Front end swap on Regamasters, I feel this is worth mentioning due to how much work he put into it all on his driveway! Accord Vinny came down from 200 miles away aswell with his brothers & friend Freddie. These guys support PureCarModify.com so much, I cant even explain how much I appreciate it. Luke arrived in his ep3 as one of the first! also picked himself up a Broadway & A Gearknob on the day! Tm Tom came down in his CRX, we have a lot of fun racing out on track ! was great to see him down at the shop advert for coilovers Billy Billy's clean EF sedan.. Andy Boyles EK9 is, by far a stand out car in the UK Honda scene. It is pristine. Joe's Ek recently fitted with Raemco bucket seats from us! Kerians Milano Red JDM DC2 shutan Shuthans Spoon'd EJ9-R Steven is Vinnys brother & this is his K20 Swapped JDM Yellow Integra. Looks so good with the Spoons & the Volk SE37s Good to see will back in a Honda after a brief spell away ! Stunning EK4 Saloon! White looks great on an Ep3. Paul has been putting in the work on his Yellow EG, Looks amazing now! Zaks Ep Zaks Ep rocking our new sticker advert for coilovers Stunning white prelude! Tyrones EK rocking our suspension system! Joss's en going project EM1 coupe! Pre-facelift'd Simons Simons Jordan with his freshly fitted Spoon Spoiler supplied by Us! Robs CRX SiR Ku Ku's ITR Proper hard looking Ep3 Type R JDM ITR rocking a Glow in the dark Sticker! Brad's Ep2 is about to get a heart transplant, the swap I never got to do! he's putting a K series inside this. Going to be awesome. advert for coilovers Tom Tom's amazing DC2. This thing is so clean! It even impressed Harv & he is never impressed!! I love meets, thats why I try to create a welcoming, fun environment, I put my stall up so people have the options to check out the products I'm so proud to supply, I put the music on to create a nice atmosphere, I'm really glad to see people relaxing and enjoying the day & meeting new people within our little scene! I supplied Steven with a Spoon Sports wheel for his DC2... Turbo Silver EK9. sde rear Beautiful Supercharged EP3 on Evo Wheels... David's ATR Tom heading home from the meet in his amazing DC2 ! dan Nath bought his GTR out to play... Dub-it came down in some of the Vw's to see what us Honda guys have to offer! Billy heading home... harv Forgot Harv even had this, never see it haha. Was good to have his car next to the stand at the event. advert for coilovers Everyone headed home & there was just a few remaining. I love taking photos of Honda's & the few remaining were all stunning so I made sure to grab some nice ones, so these im not going to talk around, just show you so you can enjoy .. & that, is the end of the photos & the end of the coverage ! I really hope you've enjoyed it & will get a long to our next meet to join us ! See you at Mimms! Adam advert for coilovers