After Dinner on my First night in Osaka with Kazu & the Osaka JDM Family, he told me he was organising a Kanjo Meet up, I could not believe my luck. Sat there that evening in my hotel reading up watching videos thinking how lucky I was getting to get this close to some of the infamous Kanjo Racers, mainly the racing team NO GOOD RACING! I really didn't know what to expect, I spent the day checking out J's Racing and heading back to Kazu's shop to get some photos from the car park at his shop. I had a great day and I didn't realise how much better my night was going to get. I met up with Kazu at his shop with a few of the others & also met with JC from work wheels who had kindly been my translator for a couple of days in Osaka, we sat down and ate some Sushi, it was delicious! I was getting a bit nervous as I know how rare an opportunity like this would be to get photos from the Meet and of some very famous cars & feeling slightly nervous about my lack of being behind a camera recently... Status Racing We headed to the meeting point, I was excited & nervous, I felt like a small fish in a very big pond. This is their tradition, this isn't just a group of kids meeting up, this is a Illegal street racing network, built on respect, tradition & Honour. I was about to get a real life glimpse in to this world & I couldn't believe it... The following pictures are all from the meet, they are exactly as it was, no staging for photos or anything, just as I walked around as I wanted you to experience what I did that evening. I should point out, not all car's featured are Kanjozoku cars. A few are but not all, it should be fairly clear which ones are and which ones are not, but I hope you enjoy the post all the same... EJ1 EJ COUPE Rear This EJ1 Brown coupe was very very low on the Work Wheels supplied by Osaka jdm... Scooby side scoob Another Super low car this time a Subaru lowered on Work wheels.. EF Nice little EF Si. CRX Crx crx Amazing little CRX 1st Gen! i love it... This Gorgeous SiR EF9 was lowered on 1 piece Work wheels by Osaka JDM, has a Carbon Osaka Wing & a full red leather interior! completely the opposite of some of the battle bruised Kanjo cars but still so beautiful seeing the other side of modifying a EF9 here in Osaka... front carmake Carmakeacross eg Car Make Across Purple EG Rear of crx REAL COMPANY EF9 rear K20 DC2 with a stunning Bay, I will show you later... Top1 coupe coupe Red Car make across coupe dc5 DC5 with a Tucked bay & Status seats ! Toytoa Stunning Toyota Celica on Work Emotion wheels.. 3g 3g Absolutely stunning red 3G on work wheels & Osaka Devil Wing... Yellow ef Badass Yellow EF with Osaka JDM wing ! merch Love this EG on SSR's... vw rear fornt lower Kazu of Osaka JDM has recently started doing more parts in the VAG scene too so some of his VW crew came down, this MK3 is on air ride & looked awesome... front da Super clean DA Integra on BBS RS wheels dc2 rear  dc2 Stanced Purple DC2 EG baby blue rear Baby Blue EG on some nice spec'd Work Equip 03's... I couldn't believe how many cars just kept turning up, all because Kazuhiro put the word out I was in town & He wanted to get a meet together for me! It was so cool & such an honour... EF This Yellow EF is owned by ?? ?. He also has a sick white E-AT you will see in a later post... Akira Akira Rear Akira's EK! rocking our OSAKA JDM X 6TWO1 Banner! So cool to be represented in Japan!! I did the rounds again with my camera with a few different lens... DA EG DC DC2 EG BLUE FRONT EG Side rear DC2 Workw heels Da on BBS wheels is beautiful also has an original spoon recliner seat in... rare part... Coupe EF Front EF Aki's amazing EF... EFs Dc5 rear Civic rear 3g We still have a couple of the 3G osaka Jdm wings in stock if anyone wants one drop me an Email 3G 3g celiva Bronze K20 DC2 K20 Bronze K20 DC2 on Barramundi wheels.. DC5 The DC5 from earlier has a very impressive engine bay.. Across EG !! Which is now rocking our Stickers ! Temple Racing / Real Company CRX ef ef Status Racing rear rear Cant get enough of this EF ... EG across CRX CRX Top1 EF EF merch Joe Joe Rear joe Joe's Amazing Kswapped Ek... NOGOOD Rear NO GOOD RACING No Good Racing EK9 EF9 EF9 EF ef No Good Racing Redbull EF9 No Good Racing Ef EK( EK9 No Good Racing Ek9 EF EF Rear mx5 MX5 Ek EF rears.. The night was drawing to a close... I want to thank Kazu for everything & JC for everything he did too.... crx Everyone started to leave, It was such an amazing night.... But... It was just getting started. Part 2 coming soon. Please if you've enjoyed this post, share it by copy pasting the link to your social media profiles - If you use the photos for your Facebook pages or Instagram do not crop my logo, as thats just a dick move. Thanks Status Racing Top1 merch