Hey everyone ! Quick break from the Japan coverage to give you an update on the shop, our stock & Our opening / Closing times ! First off, I want to make the point that I am now off to taiwan for product development with my factories, this is a very important part to what makes PureCarModify.com parts special in the fact we are truly hands on with the production ! We are now CLOSED until April 20th. When I am back in the store, I invite you to come down ! I have completely revamped the store now, adding an Xbox 360, Counters, new racking and clothing area & a sofa ! Also, drinks will be available to purchase in the store with a few snacks too ! As Always, we have amazing brands on show & in stock, anything we do not stock we can normally order in very fast from some of the biggest brands in the industry! Please just ask ! Big news for NEW Products! We have all of our TOP1 Motors stock now in!!!!! For instant delivery : buy ones which state they are IN STOCK, I will adjust this over the evening to make it apparent. We have Tow hook kits, various side skirts, Front carnards, rear diffusers & many many more ! best deals come from visiting us at the shop due to the size of the items shipping can be pricey but I am trying to keep the price down as much as possible for you. //www.PureCarModify.com/product-category/top1-motors/ When we do reopen from the 20th April, we now have new working hours, We are now open : Monday : 12-4:45pm // 6:15-8pm Tuesday : 12 - 8pm Wednesday : CLOSED Thursday : 12 - 8pm Friday : 12-7pm WEEKENDS WILL VARY !!!!!!! Depending on Car shows, Personal days & Track time. I will announce each week on the blog & facebook page if we are open or not. Saturday : 12-5pm Sunday : 12-5pm I ask you not to message my personal facebook profile as I will be honest, I hate facebook. I hate using it, I try to avoid it best I can. I update the page and when I do thats when I check out my own messages. I hate it. I would much rather you emailed me Adam@PureCarModify.com or Messaged the PureCarModify.com page and not my private one, as I sometimes see a message but cant reply at the time & then forget to follow it up. Finally, we also have our new range of coilovers in stock, I'm so proud of my coilover kits I advise you to come out on a track day with me and see how good they are for yourself! We now have S2000 CRX / EF (Fork) EK BACK IN STOCK EG DC2 With EP3 DC5 Coming in the next couple of months ! //www.PureCarModify.com/product-category/PureCarModify.com-parts/PureCarModify.com-coilovers/ Hope to see you when Im back! I can have most orders dispatched unless they are for clothing & Stickers. Thank you!