advert for coilovers Back in November we had a last minute Charity event to raise vital funds & resoruces for the people in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan hit and destroyed many peoples lives. My Girlfriend is originally from Tacloban, where the Typhoon hit the hardest, with many family still in the area & being effected. I could not simply sit here, in my heated speedstore, surrounded by thousands of pounds worth of products, driving home in my nice car without feeling a huge amount of guilt. I Thought what can I do!! So I arranged a meet at my shop one Sunday. I didn't know if this would be a success or not, but I sure as hell was trying my best to make sure it was. Thankfully, our car scene - not just Hondas but branching out to every single corner of our little world has some amazing people involved, I was so happy with the turn out, and people that didnt come even donated a lot of money and it really was great. We raised £600 Cash & Also THOUSANDS of pounds worth of food, medicines, supplies & Clothes. It truly was amazing. Also wanting to say a HUGE thank you to The Cake story in Colchester for donating a Philippines Flag cake to give away with a raffle ! Here are some of the Amazing people that came down & Supported the cause, most of my photos are from the end of the day because I was busy organising the cars, getting everyones donations in, but I managed to snap a few ! Nathan's Evoque - Vikki (Nath's Wife to be) & Mel (His sister) had baked amazing cupcakes for the day with all proceeds going to the cause! eb Dom from Endless Horizon came down with his wife & donated a huge amount of stuff from Morrisions (Thankyou!) Clio Nice little white polo on Rota Grid V's polo My Dude Mark in his coupe! Regular to the shop now! mark coupe Clean 96 Spec JDM DC2 dc2 LOVE this.. Low rider Badass... tino Clean red EM1 from the NRHondas Crew! nrhondas Gareth from Expression Culture & Pauls EP2 from FreshUK (not sure who owns the EK! sorry!) ep2 Better look at Gareths EM1.. en1 Passat on Rotiforms, also on Hydros! made some big sparks on the main road! passat Amazing to see this race ready Mk1 GTi! mk1 Paul from Fresh UK managed to get this ex BDC Volvo down to the event as he was shooting a feature of it just down the road! drift Lexus Lowrider... Lexus lowrider Green EK rocking a Stance Daily Sticker ej F6Squared RS4. rs4 advert for coilovers Brother Ryan from Garage Midnights Mk5 Golf race ready track car. Seriously awesome car, watch out for 2014 and the changes this goes through! Even better things lined up, amazing.. mk5 mk5 Dan's really clean Em1. A lot of EM1's turned up on the day! em1 Marks really nice 3 Series.. bmw Sam's Polo! polo Badass Chevy.. vy Tino's Chevy Belair is an actual Filipino import ! He recently completed the process of getting the car over & he took me out for a spin in it. Massive smiles all round! tino Max Crouch's EP3, he is a customer of ours and a friend. Always trusted us with his parts & always coming back ! We must be doing something right ! ep3 Tidy S14 s14 VW Beatles that came down! So cool! beats The Stance Daily Crew turned up towards the end of the day! VJ's Integra which we supplied the BC racing coilovers for ! vj We also supplied the coilovers for the Stance Daily S2000! s2k Bobbys amazing & ever changing EP3 ! e Picture of The stance daily guys and myself! Closing this one out with another shot of Ryans amazing golf.. I want to say thank you to everyone involved in getting all the supplies to the speedstore, to LBC for collecting it all and sending it all over to the Philippines & my girlfriend for also helping out through out the day with the running of the event and collecting money. It was great day for everyone. When we pull together we are a great culture to be apart of. Thank you once again. advert for coilovers