I forgot to post these photos... So much has changed since this day happened.... Dan came down from Yorkshire to come to snetterton with us, it was great. Pete had just gotten his DC2 running and was doing his run in miles, so couldn't participate the actual driving on track, but was great to have his car out with us whilst we cleaned up the night before... Dc2 pete 1 Dan cleaning 1 Removing stickers Dan removing some stickers of some parts he no longer was running Dans DC2 DC2 Other side Dan DC2 DC2 Edited sky Edited the sky on this one, its all original just removed the highlights 2 dc2s DC2 rear Rear DC2 I love how Pete's Dc2 sat on the CE28's & the 6TWO1 Coilovers rear My EG Lug nuts advert Eg My EG I made a make shift banner out of some left over Vinyl, it didnt even last the sighting laps the next day.. DC2 Dc2 DC2 pete My word, Pete's Dc2 was stunning... Pete Pete on the other hand definitely looks better with his hands over his face. Dc2 EG I love my EG in Battle mode... pics Zak Zak also swung by to use my cleaning gear. ......... The Following day, upon arrival to the track we got straight out on track, didnt have time to film or take any pictures as we got straight on after our briefing. I believe it was Zak who got behind my Camera... Dc2 DC2 DC2 DC2 DC Dan Dan and I had a little play but he was much faster round in his DC2 than I was, he really knows how to get every bit of power out of that car... DC V EG crew pete EG HARNESS ADVERT EG EG EG Dan Dan got ahead of me after a couple of laps.. EG EG DAN HARNESS ADVERT EG EG Chasing a subaru So many awesome Honda's.. Accord Ferrari Ferari Pete Pete did make the trip down, just didn't join us on track Pete It Rained... hard.. I was pretty gutted as my car could not get grip at all. Wet DC2 Morgan Lug nuts advert DC2 rear EG Pete Perfect timing for Pete... Rear Morgan MOrgan ITR EG Accord EG It was an awesomely fun day out on track. I love Snetterton, it's great fun!! I look forward to hitting it up again this year! I want to close the post out on my favourite photo Zak got... Pits HARNESS ADVERT Lug nuts advert