I am proud to announce & introduce 6TWO1 Super Damper Coilovers. After 7 years of working with Honda's, debunking issues I have with my own cars with products from other companies, I decided to take the step to find a factory who could build a set of coilovers, to exactly what I wanted within the price tag I wanted to meet. I managed to find a fantastic factory, who were willing to work with me, as after many meetings, believed in what I stand for, I do not want low quality, high numbers for maximum profit. My Goal is to create unrivaled quality & performance for the price I wanted to have them on the market for. These coilovers have been produced for performance & sheer driving enjoyment. They will lower 75mm on the bottom cups alone, without having to adjust the spring, compromising the comfort & handling. 32 Dampening settings, from hard to soft, which you are able to set up very simply suited best for whatever type of driving you want to set it up for. Whether it be a B Road blast to a full on Track event. This is my finished product. 92-95 Civic Range : Spring Rates Front 12kg Rear 6KG EG COilover 1 EG2 Brake Line clips included... brake line clips full kit Available for Purchase at £599 + Delivery here: //www.PureCarModify.com/product/PureCarModify.com-super-damper-coilover-kit-92-95-civic-fork-fitment/ 96-00 Honda Civic EK/EM Spring Rates Front 12kg Rear 8KG EK cup Available for Purchase at £599 + Delivery here: //www.PureCarModify.com/product/PureCarModify.com-super-damper-coilover-kit-96-00-civic-ek/ 96-00 Honda Integra Type R/ Civic SIR : Spring Rates Front 12kg Rear 6KG The loop eye fitment Integra DC2 Coilovers (Will also fit JDM SiR Civic 92-95) dc2 DC2 Available for Purchase at £599 + Delivery here: //www.PureCarModify.com/product/PureCarModify.com-super-damper-coilover-kit-96-00-honda-integra-dc2/ The coilovers are put through rigorous tests at the factories in house testing facility, for safety, durability & performance. We then have sets sent over to the UK for testing here on our roads, to make sure everything is to a standard that 6TWO1 is happy with. More detailed images of the sets fitted to cars coming soon. eg These are just the beggining. We currently have Integra DC5, Honda Civic Ep3, Honda S2000 & Honda Civic EF/CRX being worked on in the factory on our very own production line to our very own specifications. 2 of the 4 are ready for UK testing. These announcements will be made on our Twitter, Tumblr & Facebook pages when ready for release!