Tactical Art. Osaka. I made my way to Tactical art, the almost world famous Honda builders thanks to other huge blogs who they support very heavily, so this time I wasn't going in blind! I knew Yasu from speaking online & selling a few of his products, So I arrived & was warmly welcomed into their garage... yasu s2000 Dc5 DC5 wheels upclose Front of shop Silver ek build Wekfest Being distributors for CCW wheels in Japan, a lot of the builds going on were fitted with the stunning wheels... Rear The EK you see here along with most of the other cars were being built for Japan Wekfest, so this was early on in their preparations.. ek rear Garage overview Bay of Civic Dc5 build Amazing inteiror ek Amazing inteiror 2 DC back TactART Eg Civic build Rear Cage Cage Yasu, had an accident in his stunning EG & had started the bare metal rebuild, the Roll cage is crazy! DC5 Tactical art Upstairs store Upstairs is amazing, they have a super cool store with some amazing parts & Products in! also, they showed me the new front lips they've created & they are stunning! delicious I was bought lunch by the guys which was takoyaki, now if I was on my own I would never have tried this but I thought I'd give it a go! It was actually delicious! S2000 S2000 Engine Yasu's stunning S2000.... DC5 I stayed at tactical art almost all day, I had such a great time hanging out with them and talking hondas, racing, track time, parts& builds, it was just awesome.. if you ever got to Osaka make sure you stop by!! Thank you so much for viewing, I hope you enjoyed the Photos & will join me for the next installment Status Racing Top1 merch