My journey to Honda day 2014 has begun!. I have had my first full day here on the east coast & its been great. My little story starts On Wednesday the 6th August. I arrived at Terminal 5, Heathrow. full of excitement for my trip after the greatly successful week I had last year, a spring in my step I go straight to the check in desk to which the plastic smile on the face of the face of the man behind the BA desk had firmly reminded me why I hate airport & why I hate Airports. Yes, twice, I hate it twice. This white tooth'd botox faced dick head had the joy of telling me my flight (Which I was already 2:30hrs early to board) was delayed 2 hours. Which meant I had 4 hours of kicking around doing sweet F-all at the new terminal full of "I want to be knightsbridge" clothes & watch shops to make you feel inadequate about my adidas trainers not being made of a rare Algerian snake. flight I headed to WH Smith to grab what I could afford. A book & a drink to hopefully waste away some time... book After a 7 hour flight in a seat that wouldn't recline I landed, got searched by security then let on my merry way. Arriving at my hotel at 12:30am and finally, getting some sleep. I awoke the next morning & dropped my friend Andy a message, Follow him on Instagram "Andy_freshdc5". He lives an 1:20hr drive away in New York & he owns a Dc5 called dory who I'd always wanted to shoot. He luckily had the day off again so I decided to make the Journey down to his. I never know what cars I'm going to see when I hang out with Andy as he normally has a plan organised for us for the day without me knowing haha. He's a great dude, unfortunately, Dory is not ready and was at the shop being worked on, so after a chilled out afternoon & a home made dinner from his lovely mum, we headed down to a tyre shop where his friend Gabe works. Upon arriving, I could see this completely bizarre looking car. Called a T-Rex trx rear Also a Drag Civic, I assume this is here for some last minute Honda Day checks.. EG Rear Along with the managers Impreza on Air ride! Subaru Gabe was flat out. Honestly I've never, ever seen a tyre shop so busy at 6pm at night! A lot of Honda's wanting last minute alightments or coilovers fitted, I actually felt sorry for them as there was no way they were leaving anytime soon! Andy told Gabe I was going to get some shots of his Civic and we both headed outside. 9th gen Rear The Car is a Honda Civic Si, we do not get these back home in the UK in this shape. The US 9th gen is a much more attractive car than the fat thing we got lumbered with. CIvic rear The Civic is now fitted with Air-ride & Work Equip wheels finished in Gold. Gabe was so busy, I had no time to get any information regarding the modifications to his car, so I do feel quite bad not even being able to tell you what brand the air-ride is, but I am hoping to catch him at honda day so I can update you as soon as I know! side on rear Love or hate this style of modifying, this car turns heads. All the time whilst I was grabbing these photo's cars were slowing down & causing traffic just to either grab a photo on their phone or take a long look! Made me laugh anyway. fornt frot The Red on Gold Combo is really classy. I saw this car last year & The wheels were white / polished lip. I also liked that combo. I find red is a great colour for the 9th gen civic. side side Gabe seemed like a really nice guy, It was a bit strange shooting someones car whilst they were inside working their bollocks off on other peoples cars, getting them ready for Honda day so we didnt get to talk to much, about life or his car like I normally would, but hopefully I can catch him at Honda day to make up for it!. Red end photo Plenty more coverage coming from New Jersey this week. It's refreshing to have a nice turn around on a blog post again. Hate how they take me so long sometimes, so thank you for sticking with me! Follow Gabe on Instagram : Therealpapiflyyy Adam