Another post from my Los Angeles trip of 2013 ! I made another visit to my friends at Rywire ! You can check out my 2012 post here : Rywire 2012! That post is much more in detailed than this one will be! This is more of a re-visit, a look at what was in Ryan's workshop this time around. Most information regarding Rywire can be found in the link, even more information can be found in the Video we filmed whilst I was there at the bottom of this post! Ryan Basseri is now in his 8th year trading as Rywire. Recently he has trading his old CRX with his friend for this E-AT 3rd Gen Civic, which as you can see is not as it left the Honda factory. The E-AT is one of Ryan's Honda's. Also owning an NSX & a Integra DC2. E-AT I have been asked to not post to many specifications of the Civic due to it having a Honda Tuning feature (Whom have the feature exclusive on the car) so I have taken Photos the best I could for you to enjoy before that feature goes live & you can get some real information on the car... EAT eat As I have mentioned before in previous articles, Rywire has been operating since 2005, their engine harness range spans from a lower range tucked bays perfect for Civics all the way up to very high end race car wiring. rear eat rear Close up of the B Series engine in the Super clean bay.. bseries ea at Also in the shop was the world famous 1000bhp Civic by Bisimoto was in the shop for a new AEM engine managment system, just another piece of tech Rywire specialise in. Bisimoto Bisi rear shop view Shopping List on the back window of its components shopping list engine Size of the Turbo... Turbo bisi Bisi Joey Lee of the Chronicles Odyssey was also in the shop. Its lowered on Barramundi Design wheels & Also has a Mugen Spoiler.....looks awesome baramundi ch rear baramudni This 24 Hour race car that was in the shop was one of the priorities for Ryan to sort out, it needed a full wiring overhaul! Based on a Mazda MX5, the car you see is a real contender in its class to dominate!... 24 hour race car Ryan B & Ryan Derr hard at work.. Ryans rear Where the Magic happens.. magic Finishing off the Photoset with this awesome little Ruckus.. ruckus Check the video for awesome EXCLUSIVE Rywire content!! I feel very lucky to have made friends like Ryan and his team over in Los Angeles. People that really are at the top of their game, but also very humble, friendly people. I cant wait to head back over again and hang out once more. Remember, I can get you the exact harness made up from Rywire which you will need to complete your build. Email me or check out the Speedstore! Whilst you're at it, check out our Exclusive line of Own Brand clothing! thank you for reading. ad1