This post is Jordans Review of the product's he's bought from us over the last couple of months! I asked him for a brief run down of the Wing he purchased & also of our coilovers he now uses ! All Photography by LAG PHOTOGRAPHY please like his facebook here : LAG Recently my car has went a full engine swap and as part of this I needed a set of new coilovers as the D2s I had at the time were just to harsh for day to day driving so after looking about I started talking to Adam about the 6TWO1 coilovers after he explained to me about them I took the chance and got them and I love them, the ride quality is spot on for daily driving. I make a 60 mile round trip to work each day with my old D2s I hated every minute of it but since I got these they make the trip just so much more relaxing I've also made a 400 mile round trip with these coilovers and felt just as fresh as when I set off which considering my car has been fully stripped is very impressive. The build quality is another thing I love about these you can tell just from looking at them that a lot of thought, planning and hard work has went into it to provide the customer the perfect result they look great and are so easy to adjust if you want to set your car up for a daily, show car or full track car. Rear Sadly I'm yet to test them on the track but that will change next year the closest I've come to track is the local B roads but even from that they were spot on through the corners and from talking to my cousin about the set he has on his DC2 he says they are perfect for track. DC2 The value for money is another great thing about these for £599 they cost less than the more well know coilovers out there so your looking at saving £100 on coilovers that are just as good if not better. Front Overall if you want some coilovers that not only look sick but are easy to install and adjust and cost less then most out there I'd strongly recommend the 6TWO1 coilovers as long as I'm working on Hondas these will be the coilovers I'll choose. Coilys I also bought an Osaka JDM Wing & It is easily my favourite part of my car the moment I saw it I knew it was something I needed the look is truly unique and stands out among the crowd. Rear The build quality is spot on a lot of hard work has been put in to design it, also with it being made from fibreglass it's ridiculously light rear If your a EK owner I'd highly recommended this wing if you want to have something different