So I havnt really posted on here about my own build in ages. It's really transformed from when I first picked it up last February. EG I first decided it needed some major changes after my last track day back in April so I decided to buy the best. Spoon I first off upgraded by braking system. Using Spoon Sports Caliper kit. Reconditioned rear calipers, new Ferodo Front pads, EBC Yellow stuff rears & HEL Brake lines. Side view I didnt change the disks as they still have some life left in them & Im running low on cash now for this build haha. Side Love the shape of the Osaka JDM spoiler, I personally think its the best spoiler you can buy for the EG hatch. front cut You may also notice my front end is slightly different too. I had Absolute body repair respray my front bumper, and fit my J's racing scoop & Also re-lacquering my Carbon bonnet, whilst not forgetting my genuine Spoon Sports front lip. Spoon front I absolutely love how it looks now with the front bumper colour coded. You will also see the genuine Spoon Sports mirrors fitted also. Front Check out my new tyres too. AO48R's, cannot wait to try these out at Snetterton! Also, I borrowed a lens of my friend, which I ended up purchasing from him! I love it. Nice to finally own a fish eye. I have another couple of small updates that you'll see in the next post. But I just wanted to show you some more images of how my car is currently coming along. I will be on track on September 22nd at Snetterton if anyone wants to come down & Hang out. Adam.