I think the big black cloud that has loomed over my head since the start of 2020 that we all know as Covid & the gloom & doom that brought with it is slowly evaporating from my personal existance.

Recently, I've felt invigorated, inspired & excited about what the future can hold & people around me in my circles have too.

One of my close friends & World Champion MMA Fighter James Webb owns & operates along with his partner Sid, a Combat School & Floatation therapy studio. I was the first member of the fight club & ive also tried out the cool ass float tanks! 

But one thing i noticed is the car park that surrounds on the estate. I saw this as a fantastic venue for a Cars & Coffee. So we set a date & got planning.

I wanted to keep this one as small as we could & have a very good mixture of cars. Even after all these years, all the other models of cars I've experimented with and fallen in love with, Im still really stuck with this "Honda Only" tag, which i see in two ways, one its awesome, I feel so honoured to have left my mark on that community & that period of time we had in it.

But 2022 is different to 201X, The prices & availability of the Honda's have reached insane, and i mean Insane highs here in the UK. Standard NSX's going for over 100K (wtf!) Ek9s touching 20,000£, Rusty & crashed EG's being offered for 6k plus. This is not what Honda's are about, not what made me love them or attracted me to them. Not to say if you're now only stepping in I don't think you'll enjoy it, i think you will, I just have the one Honda I really wanted and with the prices no longer being pocket money & more - life changing sums of money to buy the same old little rot box, im happy to just live with what I have haha.


I wanted to host a Cars & Coffee to show & expand my enthusiasm and love for all cars! All forms of motoring (within reason) & that said, i decided to give the Silvia S15 a clean up, chuck a new 6TWO1 50CM Fright logo sticker on the back to replace the 4 year old one that was on it, and get it out to show some people! Dressed with a fresh MOT. It was time to have it out !

Man, it felt so good to have this beast back on the drive, although it now has a knock from the rear, suspect Driveshaft or Diff issue, but i risked it and got it up to the meet venue! 


Excuse the Quality of these pictures, i had to save them from the Instagram story & they are less worried about good quality content now and more focused on becoming a B-tech Tiktok.

I had the one and only Tom Peck drive my M3 up to the meet so i could have both cars out for the day, both rocking the amazing Work Wheels. Which the one piece can be ordered from us.

please contact us for pricing Sales@PureCarModify.com 

Katy bought her beautiful Escort Cosworth along, I've known Katy a long time & few people love and cherish their cars as well as she does. This Cosworth is a Legend around Colchester now & its an honour she continues to bring it to our meets

I got lucky enough to check out this nearly 800bhp R32 Gtr Mid build, it was fantastic to see it out being enjoyed by the owner who has put so many hours into building this Godzilla ! 

still one of my dream cars, pure bucket list machine!

Now there is no secret here at 6TWO1 that we are, absolutely in love with the Bmw E36. We have to have one at all times, its not even a compromise at this point. I think we've had more E36's than we have Type R's now. We <3 the E36 ! & to see this Silver M Sport on the Style 66's turn up and look incredible in the sunshine made our day

This Chassis is one of the finest available at the best price in the UK, I would love one day to have a clean street car just like what you can see here again, Miss both of my E36 328i M Sports like crazy. But I am building an E36 right now, so wait and see for updates on ours. As it will not be as clean, but will be quite the beast once I'm done with it....

Cant help but smile when I see one of these Gran Turismo Machines. The Toyota Supra Mk4. One of the 90/00 kids absolute stapes when you think of a beast of a car. Love to see one at the meet.

Sam's E46 Drift car, like mine wearing some scars from its main purpose but looking badass with that wide kit on & the graphics. Hoping once our E36 is done, we will get some rub marks on his door!

Got a few spare minutes to snoop around this beautiful little Ek4 Hatch & managed to grab the owner for a chat, a legit Ek4 SIRii that was imported from the street's of Osaka, once running the night on the Loop, now to be residing in Colchester. The Home of modified Honda's in the UK. (In my opinion of course)

I didnt have many more pictures, most went onto the 6TWO1 Instagram story, so if you missed it, here it is from the day :

This was a learning curve meet for us, doing it away from our shop allowed for more freedom on our behalf as we had joint organisers of the meet. it was honestly, amazing. The people who attended respected the venue which was all we could ask for, behaved incredibly all except for one car. Which we dealt with swiftly & will have new rules for any future events. if the car turns up on a lowloader and cannot be driven on the road legally, then you cannot bring it to the meet unless it is cleared with myself first. The only way we will allow cars like this, is if they are Show Cars &/ Or Track/Race cars and they will remain STATIC the whole time at the meet.

The safety of people in the area is our number 1 priority, keeping the meet static is also our top priority & making sure no one is ruining the event for everyone else is top priority. I think its learning for everyone, i understand when you are young you want to show off, but make sure you let your car do the talking, if your car has to be doing the wrong stuff to get attention, dont bring it, we dont want you here. We are for the community, not your ego or your instagram story of you doing a burnout. 

Although we had the one issue, we sorted it out very, very swiftly and dealt with the people mis-behaving. Unfortunately, I have had enough of others ruining this for us. One warning and that is it. Like I said, James is a world champion fighter. This guy has everything on the line like i do, but he and his team have the ability to kick you out. 

I really am excited to be hosting meets again & we are already planning on coming to one show next year with our trade booth, some of the teams cars & being apart of the action in 2023.

Lets go!