Hey Dudes! Back once again with a customer showcase ! 


Today I only have 2 photos of the car to show you, but in the future if you want your car featured on here please send as many photos as possible! they dont have to be from a photoshoot, just go out with your Smartphone & your car and snap some shots! 


Today's Car is so awesome, its owned my Matthew Vaughan and its been a pleasure to be apart of this cars transformation! 


We supplied him the BC Coilovers for his tourer! I love supplying coilovers for cars that are not the normal cars you get enquires for. The excitment to see something not your usual, slammed on its ass! Love that...

The car is fitted with an OEM+ Bodykit, complimented by the Work VSXX wheels held on by our very own 6TWO1 Lug nuts! Which are currently on sale until STOCK GOES! We are not bringing these back, so if you have ever wanted a set, now is the time to get some (and save some money!)

Buy Lug nuts here :


Really appriciate Matt getting in touch and letting us post his car on here! Follow him on instagram here : @vaughany__  

If you want to get your car featured & are one of our customers, send the details & photos over to sales@PureCarModify.com!


Thanks for looking dudes! 

Adam, 6TWO1