Throwback to when I was once again in New Jersey. I am hanging out in Andy Medina's house about to eat a delicious dinner prepared by his mother for us, and I mentioned a DC5 I saw at last years show & how I loved how it sat on a set of Enkeis. Andy is a DC5 guy so we talk a lot about Dc5's when we're hanging out. advert for coilovers Andy knew the exact car that I was talking about, so much in fact, he messaged him and asked if he was down for Honda day. He was & I got him to add me on Facebook so we could sort out a Shoot! The owner of said DC5 is called John Balsamo, he was staying at a hotel just up the road from me, we organised to meet up the following day along with him bringing another of his friends along who also has a really nice Dc5 which you will see later on! I asked John to give me his view of his build, Instead of me just looking into his spec-list and writing a lot of shit about the parts I can find out about on google I wanted words from the man himself... "Well, When I was in middle school I've always wanted a RSX. It was my second car and I've had it for 5 years now. I'm an authentic jdm guy, I love taking pride in searching and finding those rare parts and making my car unique. That's why I sourced all the parts from ARC, Abbey Road Company. So rare, and yet no other RSX has all the DC5 ARC parts. advert for coilovers It started with just a pair of DC2 ARC winglets, then my addicted and searching began. My favorite part is the ARC DC5 Titanium exhaust. Took me 3 years to find it, but well worth it. I mainly go for the unique look, to stand out and be different, however this makes me no better than anything other builder. I love sharing the pride and joy of building my own car with others. I also love to help fellow RSX builders. We all start from something, and I never forget where I came from. It feels good to help one another out, that's what I feel like is to be a true car enthusiast. If it wasn't for my friends, Danny Avina, Joe Cooper, Frankie Milio, Izzy Avila, Adrian Ferrufino, and others I wouldn't be where I am today and I appreciate all of them. Who knows where my car would be. My goal for my DC5 was to make it an all around show and go car. I want to have that JDM unique clean look, but also be able to perform just as well. advert for coilovers Low, but not static where I couldn't enjoy all the parts I invested in. I think I'm almost there but there are a few more things I wanted to get." John's got a great outlook on building cars, being a huge part of ClubRSX (huge american dc5 form) and helping out the younger members on their path to DC5 ownership! John's wheel selection can be seen here in the form of Enkei NT03+M 18x9.5+27 all around. The BYS bumper is all custom made to fit the Facelift front end which John put on the car. I truly love the pre-facelift rear & the facelift front combo! Along with the BYS bumper giving the DC5 an even more aggressive front end. Vision Technica Type DC Mirrors - Vision are the company who produce Spoon sports mirrors.. I really hope you've enjoyed John's feature & the photos! I cant wait for Honda day next year so we can catch up over a Chilli's ! haha. Thanks for viewing, please share if you've enjoyed! Mods: Exterior- 06 Front conversion Authentic JDM ITR Front and Rear Red H Badges Authentic JDM Window Visors JDM Orange Sidemarkers ARC Magic EK4 Wingets Backyard Special Front Bumper Authentic 05-06 Aspec Front Lip Authentic A-spec Side Skirts Authentic Type-R Rear Lip Authentic Type-R Wing Authentic A-spec Mini Decklid Vision Technica Type DC Mirrors Mugen Carbon Fiber Rear License Plate Filler Enkei NT03+M 18x9.5+27 Muteki Neo Chrome Lugs Rear Wiper Delete Plug OEM 05-06 Headlights Retrofitted with Bixenon OEM G37 Projectors and Shrouds Suspension/Brakes- Front DC5 ITR Sway Bar Polished Lower Beaks Tie Bar Function 7 LCAs Progress Coilovers SPC Rear Camber Kit Front Ingalls Camber Kit Opak Racing Front Strut Bar Rear Authentic Spoon Strut Bar ABS Delete with Encoredc5 Teflon Lines and Non-ABS Prop Valve Interior- DC5 ITR Push Start Red Suede door inserts Authentic JDM Shift Boot ARC Magic Titanium Shift Knob 02-04 A-Spec Titanium Interior Trim Kit Carbon accents DC5 ITR Red Recaros DC5 ITR Rear Seats Cusco B-Pillar Bars 330MM Personal Neo Grinta Black Leather/Red Stitched Steering Wheel NRG 131H Short Hub NRG Carbon Gen. 2.5 Quick Release Engine- Candy Purple Valve Cover ARC Magic DC5 Titanium Exhaust ARC Magic Stainless Steel Spark Plug Cover ARC Magic Radiator Cap ARC Magic DC5 Radiator ARC Magic Oil Cap ARC Magic Intake Box ARC Magic Suction Pipe Odyssey Battery PJDM Battery Relocater Mount D.I.Y. Fuse Box Relocation Kpro RBC Intake Manifold Hondata IM Gasket Karcepts TB Adapter K-Tuned Power Steering & A/C Delete Kit K-Tuned Radiator Hoses K-Tuned Valve Cover Breather K-Tuned Air Idle Assist Delete K-Tuned Fuel Rail Six Sigma Racing "SSR" Header PJDM Hood Dampers Polished Innovative 75a Motor Mounts advert for coilovers