Welcome to the new series to come to the 6TWO1 Blog! 

If you're new here, welcome! I wanted to introduce myself, the blog, what this new series is & what to expect from the future of the 6TWO1 Blog. 


The Beginning 

Back in 2008 I started blogging on what is now known as 6TWO1. It wasn't always called that but that was when it started, it wasn’t always about cars either but that’s a whole other story! I used to travel all around the world (Self funded) shooting cars (for FREE!) to create the best blog content I could. I was obsessed with it, every penny I earnt I put back into the blog & doing shoots. I lived for it!...


How Times Change

Over the years my passion for cars as exploded into the point now where it completely has transformed my life in ways I couldn’t ever have expected, but due to the expansion, the blog which started it all has had to take a back seat and has become almost redundant. 


The Present 

I was sat in my office a couple of weeks ago and all I could think about was starting the blog again. Where was I going to find the time to travel around and get photos & write ups of the cars? Not only that we no longer use a website for blogging, Its an extension (and a crap one at that) on our OpenCart website as we try to make our online store more user friendly ! 

So I put a feeler out on my Facebook, a calling like batman gets when he’s needed - Help from our customers, our amazing customers who have helped make 6TWO1 the company it is today. I asked simply for a few photos & their details to be able to share their cars on here. It wont ever be as in detail as a full feature but a little spotlight on the customer & their car ! 


The Future

What I hope from this is to bring us, the company & you, the customer closer together, I don’t want you to just feel like 6TWO1 is "Just a parts shop". I’ve always prided myself that our company is more than that, we're part of the community, we have an actual parts shop for you to come in and visit, chat cars & buy whatever you may need! I want you to feel part of the company as I feel part of the community & I hope these spotlights are just a mutual sign of respect, from you buying from us and this is another little thank you that I can offer you! If we have the images from you, we are able to share them on here & across our social media platforms as we are proud you have chosen to use us as your parts supplier for your build! 


Example Of What’s To Come

I think so you can see what to expect, I should give you an example, so someone’s feature doesn’t get lost in the motion of all my writing you see above & I think I have the perfect car to talk about - My own! haha.


@AdamIvell Honda Civic EG6 1992 B16a2 


So here we are, I'm over 5 years into owning this Civic now, unfortunately over the last few years it hasn’t been my priority. I grew up a lot after a break up a few years ago and decided I had to prioritise moving out of my parents and getting my own place, after that I managed to get my car booked into CastlePort Restorations for the full exterior & engine bay restoration (Interior was planned to be done, but due to unforeseen work needed doing on the inner arches I couldn’t afford to do it all) 


The Civic over the years has been a staple of 6TWO1. I want to make it clear now to everyone - this is my personal car, I pay for everything on this car out of my own pocket, the company doesn’t fund the car, my wages do. So when I get messages like "You’re a business that car should be K swapped by now & running in a race series" or "it’s taken too long no one gives a shit about it" It hurts as I've been spending all of my hard earned money on these cars just for people to be horrible to me about slow progress etc. I never built the car to show it off or built it for the internet. I chose an EG6 because, as a Honda enthusiast, this is my favourite chassis. Hence me choosing it, if I was to build a car as a company demo car or a build for the internet, I'd have chosen an EP3 & gone balls out on it. They’re by far the most popular Civic on the market right now, with the biggest array of parts available & the biggest customer reach.


This car has created me so many "Money can’t buy" memories with people I hold dear to me, I will be forever grateful! I am not a mechanic, I was never too hands on to be completely honest too but this car has taught me so so much about cars, valuable lessons & also very expensive mistakes, but I've been getting involved & had the right people around me to help push the build on! 


Yes, its taken a very long time & still won’t be done for a while either, but I really am enjoying drifting my S15 which has had countless issues that have needed to be resolved & Like I've said from day 1, there is no finish date for the Civic. Once its put back together & finally put on show I’ll probably be dragging it back to the bodyshop to finally get that interior sorted lol. But, we digress... 


Recently I picked the Civic back up from the bodyshop from where it had its final touches, Its now had a roof bung installed from Fibreworx which we can supply to ! If you're interested give us an email : sales@PureCarModify.com we're yet to have these listed on the website but we can get hold of these. 


The cars been fully polished now & Nick also fitted in the front windows & Trims for me that were all freshened up by himself! Nick @ CastleportCL has also painted my Side skirts & Doorhandles, along with fixing my bumper which I accidently dropped (fresh out of paint :( ) But its fine now, its all sorted! If you're a viewer of my youtube channel you'll see the collection video this Friday - but for now, heres a coulpe of photos! 


Here's the Civic leaving the bodyshop, its sat on NB MX5 Wheels (which I think actually look great, haha!)  Tucked behind them is the Spoon Sports Calipers Available here! SPOON SPORTS BRAKES

Getting the car put back together like this, seeing it so clean once again really highlighted my love for the EG Hatch. 2 of my favourite modifications for pure looks are the Osaka JDM EG Devil Wing (Click here! One in stock! £330rrp) & the iconic Spoon Sports N1 Backbox  full range listed ! Finance available .  I just love how it looks, I cannot wait to have it all back together mechanically now & ready to use. If you're interested in any of the parts seen on the car, please drop us an email sales@PureCarModify.com !


Once off the trailer, I truly started to appreciate how beautiful the CSF Radiator is I chose to use on this build. I know there are a lot of choice for the Honda's but I wanted to venture into a brand that isn’t so well known in our community, but absolutely huge on the global scale. These Radiators are a work of art ! Which we can supply here : CSF RADIATORS  ; Once again if you don’t see your car listed, please ring us 01206865544 or email sales@PureCarModify.com for quotes & availability!  

I pushed the little Honda into the garage for the night & fitted up my front bumper with my brand new Backyard Special lip fitted to it just to see how it would look & I will be honest with you, compared to the Spoon Sports front lip I also have, it is not a patch on the quality. The Spoon is superior in every single way, fitment, carbon quality, design & looks. I will run the BYS for some events but do not be surprised to see me back with the Spoon Sports lip again. 


My Engine bay is littered with the finest hardware from Downstar available, all of which we supply! 



There we have it, the blogs wont be as detailed as this obviously, as I can only talk this indepth as this is my story. If you wish to send me over more detailed accounts, by all means do! We just would like enough photos to be able to show off your cars as our customers, show us what parts you've purchased, this is NOT ONLY FOR OUR HONDA CUSTOMERS, we supply so many people amazing parts & we wish to show off EVERYONE! So please do not be shy! 


Send photos  / Your instagram or youtube link & details of your car to Sales@PureCarModify.com the ONLY  rule is you have to be one of our customers & show us what you have off us! Even if its just stickers or clothing! 


Thank you so much for reading guys,


if you have not seen the build & wish to check it out, its all on my Youtube Channel which can be seen by clicking HERE! 

Really look forward to seeing your builds and what we've been able to supply you and hopefully be able to inspire you for your next purchase.


Adam Ivell