Well, It has been some time since I updated everyone on here about my Civic. 

Deep down, i always get angry at myself for neglecting the blog, this is how the company started & due to time restraints, the change of website host & general life, it make building the blog really difficult. BUT Alas, I busted out the SLR and got the Civic out of the garage for some photos! 

I really wanted to get the blog going again and wanted to showcase my very own car build that we've been working away on in the background for the last...well 6 years ! 

Please, before you bombard me with DM's about the lug nuts, the car still needs to go back on jack stands & be nut & bolt checked, hence why each wheel only has 2 or 3 lugs holding each wheel on, I am fully aware of it lol, but I really wanted to showcase the car as it is right now..

I managed to get hold of a Mugen wheel for a really good price, although I'm not sure wether i will be keeping it in, I still lust after a Nardi wheel for this car available from us here, full catalog of their products available to browse online!, but until I can afford another wheel, this will be do the job ! 

It's a wonderful feeling to have your favourite parts on the planet in your car, especially when purchased new, the Recaro Pole Poisition is a seat I will probably end up running in every project car I ever have, I have one in my Nissan Silvia Drift car, along with the Civic EG6 & The next project is also due a Pole Position too, you can get one buy Clicking HERE - Finance is available on these & trust me, when dealing with life or death crashes, you will want to be in a seat as reliable as Recaro.

0% Finance avilable over 6 months, 9.9% APR Over 12 or 24 Months


The Spoon Sports N1 Backbox I have chosen for the EG6 is still one of my favourite looking exhausts of all time, it looks fantastic on ANY Honda its fitted too, initially the system was too loud, so I went and got a custom center section made with a big silencer so I could get this little rocket on track under the sound limits! 

The Spoon Sports N1 is available from us here & once again falls into the Finance catagory as it is over £250! 

Check out the range : Here

The rear of the EG is one of my favourite angles. The Osaka JDM Devil Wing Spoiler is one of my favourite exterior mods on this car, we have one in stock right now to purchase if you're after a similar look !

Purchase here 

Please bare in mind, OEM Manufactures of these have huge costs of tooling, design & testing to cover, by purchasing original OSAKA JDM through us, one of their reconised dealers, you are putting money back into the car community who actually create these beautiful parts from scratch. Not some scumbag who just buys one to send off to some jank eastern european factory to replicate it for 1/10th of the price & compromises on quality. Please, remember this when you buy whack replica parts from bedroom resellers. 

The Car is sat on ALSAN EDITION VOLK TE37 15 x 7.5 ET35 in Formula Silver, one of the rarest sets i could find with only 40 wheels ever being made (10 Sets!) from what I know, these are still the only set ever outside of Japan! 

We can supply Volk wheels, but becasue of how the currency fluxuates as we buy these direct from Japan, its very hard for us to list these, so if you are after a set, please drop us an email with what sizes you're after! 

Hiding behind the Volk wheels are the world famous Spoon Sports Calipers. I've put these to work on track in the past and WOW, what a kit! If there was ever a part I feel in love with after using, its these! 

Available here ! Finance also covered on these!



As this project draws to a close, I am feeling a mixture of emotions, I'm very excited to get to drive this thing again, its been so long! I cannot wait to be getting it out on track days, but at the same time, its been such a labour of love, emotions and pain going through this whole build. You'd be crazy to do another, I hear the inner me saying to myself. As I browse the for sale adds ready for the next one! haha.


Thanks for reading guys

Please bare in mind, we would love to be able to supply you parts for your next build - Check out our full speedstore online here and i hope we can help you in the future!