Long day at the shop today but well worth it. With even more coilovers than expected being sold its been a fantastic weekend once again! After we'd finished at the shop we headed back to my Garage. Now whilst trying to get photos I had a slight accident & now cannot walk, so the shop will be closed tomorrow but everything will work as normal - Contactable via Email & phone! sams Ej Rear Great to see Sam's EJ9 coming together. A month ago this car was completely standard. After a tonne of money being spent he's made it into something looking awesome already, Lowered on our 6TWO1 Coilovers and fitted with Enkei RPF1 16 x 8 & Skunk2 Lower Control arms we sourced him, along with the clear rears & recaro's he found online the car looks awesome ! Morgan Hoodie Cleanign 2 Morgan Cleaning his DC2 which is also fitted with our 6TWO1 Coilover kit, also rocking one of our newest designed hoodies ! merch Hoodie Richard CRX RicharD CRX 2 Richard's Crx is finally after 18 Months back on the road & looking amazing. New Suspension Set up, from us! He also uses our 6TWO1 Coilover system, sits perfect. I've been out in his car and it handles amazing now. Compared to his old set up it's an absolute dream ! Richard 3 I'm also glad Richard put the clear corner's back in instead of his old ambers, personally think it looks so much cleaner even if the others in our group disagree with me. But, I've got access to the blog so I'm right. Side Wide Morgan's Car getting some crappy snow foam I got for free. rear My new DC5, awaiting its 6TWO1 Coilovers patiently.. Javan Javan is new in the crew, if the fresh prince story was ever real, he has it. Even an Auntie called Viv. Here you see him rocking a 6TWO1 Beanie. Javan 2 It was a fun, car envolved weekend. I am LOVING being back in a Honda Type R every single day. But, I don't think I will get to drive it for a few now due to wrecking my ankle. I wont be in the shop Tuesday nor Wednesday this week now but I am contactable via email & Most orders will be able to ship. If you're concerned regarding your order, please email me : adam@PureCarModify.com & I will try to rectify what I can from my home! Thanks for reading ! Status Racing Top1 merch