After the Hday Event, I got bobby from the Downstar booth to head over to the Car park so we could grab some shots of his EK ! The sun was super harsh & Im not going to lie I dont have much information on his build other than the car looks incredible. So, I hope you like the photos.... Welcome to HDAY Side shot Side on again Front I really like Bobby's attention to detail. The J's spoiler completes the track car vibes this car puts off, I hope he gets it out on track soon after recently fitting the Volk TE37's on R888s.... Fornt Front The First mouldings lip looks awesome.. Front side on rwp Raceway Park is such a sick place for a show Front Bobby & his girlfriend Tara made the trip down from Milwaukee which is around 15 hours of driving. rear Rear Spoiler Vibrant Personal Personal wheels in stock on our speedstore part of the website ! Ek9 dials mguen Rare Rare Rare set of Black & Red Recaro seats.. New tes Wheel Bobbys new TE37s look amazing in the blue finish & wrapped up in the R888s... rear Rear Rear Bobby Fornt front Front upper Front Front rear This Civic isnt just a pretty exterior.... Engine Engine Bobbys car has the Downstar hardware all over, it looks amazing... Turbo spikes // OIl cap Engine Downstar socsk Civic rad Downstar Downstar Manifold spikes, instock here : // Downstar Downstar V3 washers in alli Civic Civic I hope you enjoyed the photos, I tried to get them in enough detail that they told the story... Thank you bobby for letting me Shoot it. Adam merch DOWNWTR