Wow its been a minute since I've got the camera out for anything other than video! 
While I was down the garage, I decided I really wanted to start blogging again, how sustatinable this is im not sure, but while I was there I thought lets get some photos, update the build and where I'm at with it!.

Ok backstory :

I got this car off my friend Jordan Horton, really just a shell but there were a few reasons I wanted it. Let me bullet point :

  • Couldnt let an EG Get Scrapped, especially one with such little rust!
  • It was free. lol.
  • My Red EG is pristine, and I see this as a car i can throw around without any worries! 
  • It was free 
  • It was a great base for me to get more hands on, without worrying i would be ruining it.

Ok now thats cleared up heres where im at :

  • Most parts are ordered.
  • The Red EG6 has become a doner car for the time being, to save me time & money while I get this project done! 
  • Brand new front & Rear Brake lines are in, just need front ones finished 
  • Rear Osaka JDM LCA's are on

  • Front subframe & Steering rack is on (JDM Dc2 Type R) 
  • Front Lower Arms now have Hardrace bushings fitted
  • Rear Trailing arms now have Hardrace RTA bushes fitted 
  • Front Rear arm Compliance bush has been replaced by Hardrace 
  • All hardrace parts available here :
  • Brake booster & brake master cylinder is back in along with the clutch mc too.

My Goal for tonight was to do one of those bullet points I'd listed.  I wanted the front suspension assembly and steering rack & front subframe back on the car. I felt this was one thing really holding me up! 


It was a nice little evening for me, im full of cold currently & the weather is beautiful, I also feel like the Vlogs are kind of killing my vibe at the minute. its hard to explain, when you start out on youtube all you want is for people to watch you videos but you get to a point where its more people than just your mates watching it and you're getting commets & opinions from just random dick heads that think the sun shines out of other youtubers arses & everything you do is terrible compared to them. I have vlogged this but motivation to edit it is low. 

I wasnt alone, Pete popped round after work to help me out with the RTA's along with the new bushings he'd fitted for me, he said the old bushes literally exploded when he heated them up & smashed them out, Super thankful for Pete, he really is always there to lend a hand.

Harv also came round to help me out, I called on Harv to help me out with the Wiring harness. It was a simple job but I hate wiring & my attention span isnt long enough to get it done so thankfully he came over and helped me out

Look at how happy he is to be helping with wiring haha. 

We cracked on and got most of the tasks I wanted to achieve done!. Looking forward to working on it again and getting more progress done!