A while back I posted about how I killed the blog, I was as raw and as open as I could be on it about why I stopped it and that I was pursuing a Youtube channel that I'd hoped to grow and be able to put out great content on cars that I used to feature on the blog, but now in Video form! Well, I guess things have changed for me, I find youtube a lot of pressure on the features. Pressure from myself on making the best video I can, giving the best information and coverage of the car I possibly can. 

But in the mist of all of it, I guess I lost the fun, it became more effort than it was worth in the end & having to try get a car a week done, trying to make sure my dog has a sitter all for, what in reality is free work, it became really hard work. Dont get me wrong, I still absolutely love making videos & I'm sure I will do again in the future. But I wanted to kick some life back into the blog! 

I did some shoots but kept them quite low key. I wanted to show you a bunch of photos I got from Gary Sungs Civic B20 when it had its blue wrap..


Gary's car has changed drastically since the shoot - its now pink with Fifteen52 Wheels fitted, which I hope to get some photos of before it gets sold or changed again... But in the guise BLUE with Regamasters - I absolutely loved it. This to me is absolutely fantastic ! 

Because I took these photos so long ago I cant really give you anymore information than you can see in the photos or in the youtube video which I will link at the bottom of the blog.

For now though I just hope you'll enjoy the photos ...

Cool fact : Thats my Old Osaka JDM Spoiler from my White EF.

Those are some of my favourites, you can see the full album here on FLICKR : https://www.flickr.com/photos/aji621/albums/72157671744835254

I'm at a weird point in Youtube / Blogging. As much as I love doing it, the time - productivity scale is a tough one to do. 
With youtube, I feel like you need to churn out as much content as posisble, no matter how shite it is just to get the following. When you're your own worst critic, its hard to put crap content out and not feel disapointed in yourself. That's why I'm taking a little break, so I can start to create content I can be proud of again, wether thats photos for the blog - A video for the channel or a new clothing item for the brand. 

I guess only time will tell what the future holds, all I know is I miss doing photoshoots, I miss making videos, I miss the banter with my friends. I miss blogging.