6TWO1 Coilovers Review Words & views are of TYRONE SALIBA. NOT 6TWO1. We are simply posting exactly what Tyrone said in the Email he sent us. 10637889_1683757728515487_294177657_n Vehicle: Honda Civic EJ9 (96-00) General: I purchased the coilovers from 6TWO1 around early February this year and they were on the car in around late March. To be truthfully honest, Adam is by far one of the best customer service personnel that I have dealt with ever. He backs his products 100% and is willing to stick his neck on the line to get the brand out their! Absolutely ace guy to deal with and even helped me out after my purchase! When the delivery showed up you are immediately hit with the 6TWO1 branding on the box and the contents inside have been packaged well, with each strut tower having its own small “compartment” that it sits snugly in, which is wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure nothing happens to the products in transit. 10627979_1676482499243010_1891857726_o I have run these coilovers since March and the way I have maintained these is by spraying on White Lithium Grease. It’s similar to Copper Grease but is much thinner and a bit more water-resistant. Every time I need to adjust the coilovers I simply use a micro-fibre cloth/wheel brush to remove small parts of debris, adjust and then spray on another coat. Tool Station sell the cans (with the spray nozzle) for around £3-£4 a can, cheap and simple to use. 10656699_1683756015182325_760344809_n It is simple, if you stay on top of maintaining them, the longer they will last and the least likely they are to seize. Daily Driving Performance: So my little Civic is a daily driver and we all know that British roads are not the best in the world, some streets look like a civil-war has just take place, with potholes being the size of bomb-craters. Luckily though, the coilovers come armed with a 32-way Dampening adjuster which is the small knob on top of the strut tower. The knob can be taken on and off by the use of an Allen Key (supplied), to give engine bays a “cleaner” look. I prefer to keep them on as I would probably lose them and also if I need to make a quick adjustment, it is hassle free. Back to daily driving, they are extremely comfortable, although I have only lowered the car around 40mm (however it looks lower). My car is set up to be a bit bouncy but that is purely out of choice, the fronts have been set to a medium to hard setting due to the weight of the engine at the front I didn’t want it to be stiff, but I didn’t want it too soft. The rears have been setup to be harder than the front purely as there is no weight, but I will be adjusting this. This is the first car that I have lowered, but have been in my friend’s EK3 which is sporting a set of Raceland coilovers and I was a bit sceptical about lowering mine as his ride was a bit harsh. Once you lower it, drive it around, throw it into some corners and hit a few potholes, you will get used to it and eventually appreciate the stability they offer to the car – even if it is not fast. 10631760_1676482469243013_276065834_o Value For Money: Right this is something everyone wonders about and let’s be honest, everyone wants everything for free. Well, after experiencing my friend’s EK3 with the Racelands I was debating getting a set, but then I thought, I am putting essentially my life and other road users at risk if the shocks where to fail or a spring to snap. The coilovers are £599 NEW with a £15 postage charge. When I ordered mine they arrived pretty much within 48 hrs! Not bad right, but people will argue: “For an extra £100 I can get a more reputable brand” This is true – I am not going to deny, that, for an extra £100 or so you could get BC or Miester Coilovers. For the same price you could even go for HSD coilovers! Well I bit the bullet and ordered myself a set and my car is the first to run the EK (96-00) Civic coilovers on the roads (bar Adam’s test vehicles). Now that is some scary stuff, I mean, spending £600 on suspension which hasn’t been about long, don’t really know much about, and could potentially fail on me and cause harm is a potentially off putting thing. I can assure you these coilovers have undergone some very harsh testing prior to actually hitting the UK roads! I probably cannot convince you purely through reading this, to go and buy 6TWO1 coilovers, all I am is a voice on the internet, right? Well this is my experience with this particular product. If you are serious on buying them, speak with Adam and I am pretty sure he would be able to take you out in one of the demo cars. 10621959_1676482415909685_91906788_n Handling: After letting the coilovers settle in for a while, just as a precaution, I took the car on a more “spirited” drive. Okay, now most of you are probably laughing at the screen thinking: “What? A 1.4 Civic going fast – he has to be joking!” To be honest, your car doesn’t need to be a high-spec, 9 second runner for the suspension to perform well. I took the car down a few country lanes which I knew had some tight corners and put it through its paces. Handles brilliantly round tight corners, roundabouts and I even purposely skidded the car to see how well the car reacts in regards to body roll. The setup on my car is very simple, I have the standard Front ARB (Anti-Roll Bar) and no Rear ARB. The car has no form of chassis stiffening, so no strut bars or roll-cage. The only thing my car has, which I swapped over with the coilovers , are a set of eBay specials LCAs – that’s it. I could have just got cheap eBay special coilovers, but I wanted control and reassurance and this is EXACTLY what you get! 10621474_1676482455909681_426502222_o Construction: The most important part of this review is the construction. Taking delivery of the box, I noticed it wasn’t particularly light. I am not too bothered about the weight of the coilovers, they are roughly the same weight as the stock suspension. I had a set of D2 coilovers which where aluminium built, however, these had seized up prior to even going on the car (second hand buy), but I will be comparing these alongside the 6TWO1 Coilovers. Taking one of the strut towers out the box you are greeted by the sheer workman ship that has gone into making these. The cup (where the threaded tower sits) is of steel construction making it stronger than the aluminium based version offered by other companies. The locking rings are also made of steel and can withstand being turned and twisted by the C-Spanner (supplied) where as the D2 collars seems to mould after being turned a few times. As I mentioned before, the coilovers make use of a 32 way dampening setting and when I attached the knob, I ensured to twist it towards the “+” all the way on all 4 struts, this gave me a gauge on how to adjust the coilovers. 10653900_1683758911848702_1187129001_n This doubles up great for when you adjust the spring rate by making the spring shorter, you are essentially making the setup stiffer, therefore having the 32-way dampening you can adjust the shock to compensate for the spring. The most distinctive thing these coilovers have in comparison to other brands out on the market, they have gauges engraved on the body which allows the user to know how low they have gone. I measure the distance between each marking and there is a 10mm gap – hence why I said I have dropped the car 40mm all round as I wound down the coilovers to the 4th marking. For more on the construction visit (EK Specific): //www.PureCarModify.com/product/PureCarModify.com-ek-coilovers/ Recommendation: I would 100% recommend these to ANYONE in the Honda scene, not only are these a great product, the construction is to a high standard and the customer service is just as brilliant! Like I mentioned earlier, I am simply a voice on the internet, I cannot MAKE you buy them all I am doing is simply sharing my experience. Speak with Adam, and if it is possible drop by the store and see if it is possible to go out in one of the cars. 10638119_1683757458515514_1257422287_n If you are interested in a set of our coilovers please check them out here : //www.PureCarModify.com/product-category/PureCarModify.com-parts/PureCarModify.com-coilovers/