Josh Mee recently contacted me for coilovers on his newly aquired UKDM DC2 Integra, he wasnt sure what kit to go for but after I explained the work and detail we have put into our very own coilover kit he opted for a set of ours! front Josh isnt new to modifying, he's had a couple of Hondas before too but I have to mention his other car he has. It is an immaculate MK1 Golf on Work Equip 01s... MK1 He recently set up his ITR For more spirited driving & got some stunning photos & I'm very pleased to say he's let me share these on the blog. Dc2 front Front Front itr One thing about the DC2 is its shape. I know there is normally an argument between JDM & UKDM Front ends but to me both have great character. Side on Front The DC2 is one beautiful shape car.... Rear DC2 REar Our Coilovers have 32 Dampening settings, meaning that they can be set up for however stiff or Soft you want your car to ride in any situation... Stunning Rear Thank you to Josh for these amazing photos & letting me share them.. If you're interested in getting a set of our coilovers on your car, click the photo below for more information !