As you've probably seen (As I cannot stop banging on about it) I've taken ownership of my new Dc5 & I am fully in the honeymoon period of owning it. I cannot stop taking pictures, talking about it with people & getting excited by ordering up a heap of new parts for it ! My friend Tom from Ipswich has one of the cleanest examples of a JDM Dc2 I've seen & at our meet last weekend I asked him if he wanted to do a photoshoot & thankfully 5 days later it was on! DC2 front DC2v5 I wanted to get both cars while they look fairly OEM, my DC5's only modification is Mugen Showa Suspension, while Tom does have a good spec list, but the exterior still looks relatively OEM. V Together front I know there is an on going argument of which the better Integra is, I personally feel both shouldn't be compared but appreciated. Both fantastic cars in their own rights. DC2 merch DC2 Love the look of the JDM front end, especially one as clean as Tom's.. Mugen is lame Personally hate how the Mugen suspension makes the DC5 sit but I know the kit is very popular among DC5 owners... Pose rear JDM I just think you can check out some of those 100K+ American builds, but a simple photoshoot with 2 authentic JDM cars...Just as breath taking... Side DC2 front Doesn't look bad from the side, does it ? front DC2 DC2 Such a beautiful example of a car becoming harder and harder to source... Interior Interior Thank you for looking, I hope you enjoyed the images... Status Racing Top1 merch