So, Welcome to the Japanese entries of 6TWO1. DOWNWTR I've had a lot going on recently both at work & in personal life so I decided it was time I treated myself to something I had always wanted, which is a trip to Japan, I follow various media outlets who post the most wild and insane stuff from Japan and I needed to see this for myself, I also cannot believe I havnt come here sooner... I wanted to make sure this trip was 100% amazing for me, so I searched long and hard for what rental car I should get, Yaris? Prius? Some random box car thing? Nah... I found a specialist rental company who had on their rosters such as the R34 GTR, Silva Spec R S15 & S2000, I also saw they had the DC5. Those who have followed for more than 2 years will know I have had my fair share of these cars and I LOVE them, I infact have also carried on treating myself and bought another ! So what could be better to cruise Japan in than a DC5?? So I tried and tried and tried back and forth with the rental company with very broken English and he managed to make my dream come true ! So I landed and made my way to a small area in Yamazaki to collect my car! I was so happy! After getting back to the Hotel, I parked up and went in to relax & have a clean up... Dc5 After an Hour relaxing my excitement got the better of me, I found out where about's roughly Diakokufoto was and just hoped in the car to see if anyone was out.... Well, I was not expecting this! I havn't seen a car park so full of amazing metal in a long time! everything from Hondas to Skylines to Porsches! All within 12 hours of landing?? JACKPOT Wilde r34 I found a space next to this stunning R34 4 Door... GTR White R34GTR had me like a 13 year old pre-pubecent girl at a Justin Bieber concert.. WORK EVO Loved this Evo, Loved how it sat on the aggressive Work wheels.. r32 Much like the white R34 GTR, this also made me melt... R32 GTR on BBS LM's.. RX8 RX8 on some big chrome wheels.. Wild supra Wild Supra, couldnt help but smile! I know I'd only been in Japan for a few hours but this meet just had a magic feeling about it... MX5 MX5 looking not so cute but more ready for business... E46M3 Badass Laguna Seca Blue M3... RUF RUF Porsche! (unsure if real RUF, I honestly wouldn't know how to tell difference) s15 Awesome S15, Work wheels up front, Rays on the back... RWB RWB I've seen a few of these at various massive events such as Sema Shows, but seeing one in a car park on a Saturday night is nothing short of surreal, When I turned up I saw this bright pink RWB Porsche and instantly said Ohhh damn! I cant believe it ! CRX CRX This wild Crx turned up making so much noise.. loved it.. BMW Lhd Left hand drive BMW Convertable on some HRE's... I asked someone why all of the German cars / Exec cars were LHD & He said the Japanese saw them as exotic. I can only imagine it being awful, haha but if it makes them happy then thats cool.. boso Hells Racing Nissan Bluebird Bosozoku Car at the meet, very wild! Hells Another Hells Racing team car... VIP.. Beat Awesome Honda beat ! CRZ rear This CRZ had a fairly stunning body kit. Really suited the car.. toyota toyota soarer.. Are Another soarer, this time on some big chrome wheels.. Marx Toyota MarkX with some crazy camber... Dc5 Black Facelift DC5 looked really nice just OEM. I honestly did think coming to Japan I'd see way more Type R's just driving around but honestly I think I see more JDM Type R's in England than I did Japan! or at least on par!.. s2 S2000 in white looked stunning... front FD This beautiful RX7 was one of my favourite cars at the meet.. One thing I loved was the variety of modifying styles, all just as cool, unique and well executed as one&another... stace low Stanced Subaru on Rays Volk TE37s.. Ah Somethings in Japan I couldnt help smile at. Loved the light up brakes.. neons Got Neons? They arnt dead, I saw so many cars rocking these I loved it, so fun to see ! R34 GTT Skyline.. RX ANOTHER beautiful RX7... Silvia Silvia eg Eg6 on SSR Mesh wheels! stunning Stunning Silvia..even sat here posting it I said wow... So beautiful.. AE86 Levin Ae86 ! panda This Panda Tureno was my favourite car at the meet. I'm a huge initial D fan and this was just, man I loved it !! 4Door R34 .. js J's Racing kitted FD2 vip More VIP... R34gtr White R34GTR.... NSX NSX! WILD Cool Anime'd RX7 Sedan US Styled Sedan.. FD Standard FD2 but still such a lovely car. GT Another oldschool panda Toyota.. Amazing ! I came back to my car to find this amazing K car on Work wheels next to my rental car! Loved it ! by this point, my tiredness had caught up with me and I just had to get back & get some rest... So I hoped back in the rental to get ready for the day that followed.. Hope you enjoyed my first Japan blog entry! ... many more to come.. DOWNWTR