Zak (EK4), Rich (CRX), Pete (DC2) & myself had planned to head to a Honda Meet in Oxford on Easter Sunday. These plans were quickly destroyed as we all own cars that either go wrong, need work on, things need doing, people get lazy, we drink to much Vanilla coke. You know, normal Sunday antics. It was a bit disapointing but a 5 Half hour round trip in on and off snow, It really wasnt what we wanted to be doing. We will attend the next one instead..So thats why these pictures exist. We decided just to wash off our cars. gopro 1 go pro eg I had wrote a very long almost essay style post about some things that I believe need to be said, but right now it is not the time nor place. House So instead, right now I will focus slightly more on the cars. All of these cars will have full features at some point, at the minute we're all doing little bits, all busy with work, the weather here in England is abnormally even worse than it usually is, so we're being haulted. Pete dc2 Above is Pete's 98 Spec DC2. Lowered on Meister R coilovers and sat on ADVAN RG (Width : 8j ; Et 30) It is fully stripped out and is a fully A120 race warrior. haha. One thing I can remember about Pete's build is his Spoon exhaust system, Full Mani-back, its set him back a fortune like most of the other things he has done to the car but It's worth it. It is why it stands out at meets & online at the same time. crx dc2 EK4 EG6 Rich's CRX is another, he is normally found with Pete at the early hours stretching their Vtec engines on the surrounding A Roads. Nothing Illegal obviously... His CRX is an SIR Glasstop, similar to the Black one I featured for a now deceased publication. I was amazing when i found out the glass roof is actually lighter than a sunroof, very cool little fact. I'm not sure what suspension set up he has but he is currently in the process of refurbing his Sprint Hart CPR's. The Coiloversuspension is from D2 but Rich doesnt have very many kind words to say about it & I do believe he is looking to change in the future. High up You may also notice Pete's DC2's Headlamps. He separated the lens from the headlight to make his custom amber corners. After always being a fan of them on the EG's like mine. Fortunately for him he succeeded. haha CRX Teggy jordan ZDog, Zak has this Jordan, it is still in its very early stages of the build. Stripped interior with new wheels on their way soon to make the car more enjoyable to look at and to drive. Also being lowered on BC Racing Coilovers, which he bought through us here at 6TWO1 (Can be purchased : EK4 BC RACING COILOVERS Inside you may also spot his brand new Recaro bucket seat with the Takata's racing harnesses (bought from me) haha. On the rear it has a Rep Spoon Carbon Fiber spoiler and once we can persuade him to stop using his carbon boot as a peice of bedroom artwork, that will be fitted too. all of em dc2 You can also see Pete's Bride bucket seat he bought not to long ago, with the Takata Harness to keep him in, nice and tight. crxup dc2 up eg And that brings us on to my car. If you havn't already, you can actually watch the build unfold all on youtube just search honda diaries or click here: Youtube! dc2 It turned out to be a really fun afternoon, we were all hyped for the meet but when certain things arose meaning we couldn't attend then we had to make our own fun. jordan I Just wanted to say I feel that the way 6TWO1 is growing is fantastic. The support you guys and girls give me & the 6TWO1 brand is awesome. I love seeing new orders every single day for the clothing, the stickers, the prints of my photos (this one gets me the most!! Knowing other people will pay to have my work on their wall is unbelievable and I am so proud each time I sell one I even show my parents the final print as it brings me so much happiness) It genuinely makes me feel like all the hard work some people try to take away from what I've done, it makes that hard work feel worth it. EK EG I also believe I have been well received by some of the bigger names that have made an impact in the scene way before my time. I know rapport takes a long time to create, so does trust and within this I know trust is the number one thing & I can only thank those guys so much, especially the ones in america who are house hold names through out the Honda world who let me into their buildings, their businesses; share my content and link my page via Facebook & the site. It really doesn't go a miss & I hope together we can make our worldwide Honda scene as big & successful as we possibly can. I am back out to Los Angeles for Eibach 2013 this year once again and I cannot wait to see some of the people I have met previously. Get more first hand coverage for you for the blog (something even magazines dont) and do the best I can for you, the readers & supporters. You're the reason I get to do all of this & for that. I Thank you. ek4 I also want to thank you for the awesome support our first show IMPACT is getting. Which is 9th of June 2013. I will quickly run through some small details about this with some FAQ's: Can any model car attend : Yes, we have a honda focused area & also a mixed show & shine ! How much is a ticket : £10 on the gate, £7 for 1 pre-bought via this site or £5 once 5 or more are purchased! What time does it start : Gates open at 9AM What is this burnout thing?: Dont worry, this is not happening now. As a new show we are experimenting with what we can and can't do, This is something we cannot do. What is the Honda Showcase : We have designated parking for people who wish to end up in the Honda Showcase, enter your car via and they will be added to a showcase folder, which our team will then say if you will be allocated space there, if not, you're still fully welcome to be on the general show & shine, we are looking for the most well rounded thought out builds for the Showcase. Will it be awesome? : Fuckin' right it will be. crx Once again, thank you for all the support. I really do look forward to hanging with everyone at IMPACT & any other events I get to make it to this year. Adam - DC2 petes house Like Honda Diaries Facebook! ad1 //