Blog #2 on the blue EG build! Just wanting to update where we are at, and what better way to start than to show you a quick photo of my red eg. God I still love that car, I look at it and just wish I had more money to throw at cars so get it finished.


So my day consisted of fitting up all the suspension conponents, getting it ready to put the fresh new 6TWO1 Coilovers  onto the chassis. 

We fitted up the RTA's along with bolting them onto the Osaka JDM LCA's. Now the contrast is clear & I think you guys can tell Im really not too fussed about entering any show & shines with this car. It really is being built for a purpose. 

Finn keeping us company down the garage


Pete & Wes joined me down the garage to help fit the rear brakes, one Caliper was giving me a real issue. 


we fitted the shocks on & I said to Pete should we chuck on a Spoon Caliper just to get a photo...

Well the div fitted it the wrong way round. But, still makes a cool photo. haha. 

More updates coming soon. We've kind of hit a little road block but wont be too unresolvable. Just wiring sucks. i hate it. so much.