Belated, unlike last year when I was completely on the ball & had my first set of coverage up on the same day. But here we go, slightly different circumstances this time. After the meet I was collected by Robert in his NSX which you can see here : NSX FEATURE The next morning I was straight off again to where Eibach was the previous day, shooting Jorge from Team Insidious & Nsidious Industries Civic, the day after was straight back to Rywire! so I was super busy over the days following. I managed to edit the pictures I wanted but was then struck with my Show IMPACT preparation along with mountains full of other work, so now is really the first time since I have been back I have been able to build this post! You may only browse this post, but It does take a very long time to build something this big. 105 pictures in total it has taken to build what you are now reading! So I hope you enjoy! So here we go, the BIG one for any Honda enthusiasts. That one day of the year Eibach springs turns a car park into a Honda Mecca. The Eibach Honda meet 2013!! I love that the Eibach honda meet is based in Los Angeles. I have family in LA so it allows me to use this trip as a way to see them and also a way to catch up with friends I have now met over my travels & head to the Eibach springs Honda meet. This year the meet was based in Lake Elsinore. I'd never heard of it, but it was about 2 hours away from where I was staying, once again my dad came over with me on the trip so he could visit the family & do some shopping for the family back home. I'll be honest, if it wasn't for him all those years ago taking me to the local Honda dealer ship every weekend, talking with the salesmen and dealer principles, 6TWO1 probably wouldn't exist. haha. So having him accompany me to the meet is great, also gets to show him the Honda world we have all became a part of. We drove for an hour & half from our hotel to get to Lake Elsinore, at some stadium car park where the meet was held, as always, greeted by an incredible turn out for the event (Just the car park had some very interesting cars).. Car line up One of the car park cars, a 1st generation Integra on Sprint Harts integra After walking from the car park, the line that greeted us was horrible. For a little white boy like me out there in the desert sun, who loves personal space, this was a nightmare haha. But I knew what awaited me. So patiently we waited, until I spotted David from Rywire who allowed us in as Media, which was awesome! Line up This was what we were waiting for! Bare in mind, this is 11am!! The start time of the meet! picture Now to some of my older, more hardcore English readers. Please remember this meet is in California. The images will vary from the Stanced to the Race, from the race car to the mum wagons. Just please bare with me ! Red EG low on what looks like to me work rsz-r, but i may be incorrect & I'm sure someone will correct me if I am.. red eg works Love the clear rears, If you follow me on Instagram you will know I have a set of these on mine. They may remind many of you of the older 90s, early 2000's style of tuning but not everything from that time period should be forgotten. I am glad to see them back. Clear rears Stunning, this EG was one of my favourites from the day. Check the fabrication work inside!! wish I had more images... eg Gold eg Yellow Coupe on Sprint Hart CPR's cpr Right Hand Drive Integra Type R. I can only assume this is a real Type R from Japan as its Right hand drive *May be converted* with a first mouldings front lip, Volk CE28s, Recaro's... First mouldings yellow dc2 Andy Hope's CRX Track car, LOADS more on this to come Via 6TWO1 Including a little Honda Diaries video! Andy Hope CRX The Curcuit Monsters Prelude.. Prelude Twin Turbo NSX on the Gold Mugen MF10s.. mugen ns J's Racing S2000 S2k Buddy Club S2000 on TE37s.... S2000 Frank From Downstar Inc is one of my Clear rear brothers in arms. His EG Pulled a huge crowd. Rear 1 Rear 2 Stunning Yellow CRX, Painfully clean on Mugen MR5's, Caged, Buckets... crx Joey Lee of the Chronicles Honda Odyssey on Baramundi Design wheels.. chronicles Caught Ryan from Rywire off guard rywire This was a first that I have seen at a meet/show, a live action build of a DC2 taking place! dc2 build Mugen DC2. mgeun 2d Dirty Track look.... track DC2 is awesome, Volk TE37's ... dc2 & Again but this time with more defusers, C-west front bumper & big Aero dc2 & again, another DC2 X TE37 Combo... dc Slightly different DC2 here, still part of the #trackmonsters dc2 Gorgeous NSX nsx & Another.. nsx2 This S2000 was amazing, Carbon Roof, NT03s.. s22 s2000 s2 Incredible engine bay & Engine set up in this dc2... dc2 dc2 NSX on non Aggressive but perfectly fitted TE38s.. nsx S2000 on CE28s... ce28s Eibach's Selection of each model is awesome, so many different variations of modifications from each chassis, America didn't actually get an EG their chassis codes are EH...But I will call them EG's to stop confusion.. eg eg eg DC2 on SSR Type C's... ssr New Jazz (Fit) with an array of Mugen Parts.. jazz Incredible S2000. Wish I had a full speclist for you.. Turbo, CE28s... s2 DA Integra on re-barreled MR5 Mugens da Another DA... da Stunning EG. The CE28s had an incredible finish on them with machined polished centers eg eg ce eg K-Swapped K20 DC2.. dc2 Custom front end on this EK Civic, K swapped also.. front end swap One of my Favourite CRX Del sols at the show, beautiful colour, MF10s crx Awesome 8th Gen, Incredible colour & stance 8th gen Red EG on American Racing Steels.. eg & a another Eg on the same wheels.. eg Stunning... eg Epic CRZ.. crz Really nice Element.... elemts I spent a good few minutes kneeling down to get a picture of this S2000 but it always had someoen infront of it. Gave up in the end and settled for this. s2 Silver & the teal goes really nice together... teal Blue & Orange theme on this Civic coupe with a Mugen DC5 spoiler at the back... coupe #Trackmonsterrs c dc2 dc2 Stunning blue 4 door, Mugen front bumper, TE37s... dc2 Black S2000 ... s2k J's Racing kitted Accord on Marquis Promoda Regamasters.. regas accd Trying to get a photo of Chivas' coupe...huge crowds! haha coupe chivas rear Clean DA... DA Green Coupe on Enkeis... green coupe Want a set of these rear lights for my EG, looks so good! EG Super clean bay to go with the rear... bay Stunning from the front too... eg EG on chunky tires & Regamaster brites looked awesome! eg Grey DC2 on BBS RS dv2 Chivas leaving the meet.. chivas These little girls were driving around in style in their slammed viper! kids White EG on Sprint harts, lots of carbon! eg Accord on Airride ! accrd 8Th Gen Civic with a aggressive set of wheels.. e RHD White EK with Volk SE37s... volk Beautiful Yellow EG that was promoting an energy drink called "morning wood", I got handed a can, it tasted like a heartattack, but the can made me laugh & the EG was stunning. EG There were many incredible EG's at the show. Really made me want to crack on with mine. Love the front wings on this one... eg 4Dr DA Integra... da The Eibach meet is awesome for Da Integras, as these were mass produced in the USA it means many are still around unlike here in the UK. da Brother combo, Red Coupe & the white EK both on Regamasters with Genuine mugen Lips.... mugen ek Head turning Yellow S2000. s2 s2 Another stunning DA 4 door integra... da Old School... d Stunning. eg Amazing EF ef JDM Front end, CCWs, carbon fiber, mugen rear spoiler...I was in love! dc2 EG on 16 inch Regas... img those NSX's from earlier... nsx Big Mike did an Awesome job MC'ing all day! big mike Re-barreled Regamaster EVO's on this Civic hatch.. haatch CRZ on RPF1s crz enkei Clean as you'll get CRX, Regamasters, Spoon Brakes, K20 swap... kswap More Clear rears. this time on a stunning EBP Coupe... clears White Coupe on Gold Regamasters... coupe Legend Coupe on Gram Lights... leged VIP Odyssey odysey DC2 on Regamasters.. regas Civic 4 door... civic 4door Civic hatch on Regamasters... Regamasters are seeming a very popular wheel out here in california! not a bad thing !! regas Black DC2 on the black sprint harts look so mean!, Love it! you can see by this point in the day it was so hot my camera started steaming up... dc2 Yellow DC2 on SSR Type C's, i love these wheels... Type c DA.. da DA with a Spoon Theme.. sp Civic SI on Blitz Split wheels.. si facelift DC5 on agressive RPF1s dc6 Saw the 2 girls driving in the viper again... viper Smooth Prelude on CE28s c28 Team NvUS SI.. mguen si JDM Converted 8th Gen fd EBP Coupe on CCWs coupe And I want to end this years coverage on a bombshell, this stunning EG EG As always, I had a great time over in California for this meet, the event was incredible, thank you to ryan from rywire for letting me store my stuff at his booth & to big mike for giving myself & 6TWO1 a shout out over the loud speakers!! The coverage has taken so long due to other work I am working on, These posts take me a very long time to do so I have been doing them in the spare time I have had. You will see later in the year what I have been working on, I'm very proud & very excited to show you. Thank you for reading. ad1 For best photo quality view on Retina Mac Dear facebook pages who are here just to save the pictures to post to their page, I have no issue with this but please can you give credit by linking the facebook page which can be found here: