advert for coilovers This will be the last post on the Eibach meet, I understand im about 3 weeks behind everyone else's coverage. But like I keep saying the blog, Photography & Writing has really taken a back seat since the parts store has taken off. I love being apart of this industry so much that I am so grateful for being in my position now, so even though I am far behind on bringing these images to you, I just dont have the spare hours I used to have. Also, I'm just like you. I Slave away HOURS of my free time in my garage getting my own build ready, my aim is to have it at IMPACT TWO14. So we kick back off the final Eibach coverage of 2014 with this Digital camo wrapped DC2 race car.. dc2 dc2 JUN I love this DC2. I saw it last year for the first time & the engine by is the combo of 2 colours which is my favourite! B18Turbo, Mugen body kit, Status Seats, TE37's. A car oozing quality. Mugen DC2R Another incredible example of a DC2 - This Mugen equipped DC2 with a KSwap on ITB's fully gold plated was very eye catching with incredible attention to detail. ICB S2000 ICB Had a stand at Eibach and I headed over to say hello to Matt who owns it, This S2000 on their stand was amazing. Regamasters & this Mugen Spoiler that I'd never seen before. eg side rear eg On the other side of their stand they had the car I'd probably have taken home If I had the choice! This EG on CE28's, First mouldings front lip & Osaka JDM Devil wing (Which we have in stock) looks incredible. Amazing car. DC2 Another shot of the stunning Milano Red DC2 on Mag blue TE37s Rywire Ryan's E-AT of Rywire sat in the show area. Due to manning my stand I missed this whole line of cars which I was gutted, another reason I don't think I'll be having a trade stand next year. DC2 Dc2 On Regamaster / Spoon Sw388's S2000 Unbelievable S2000, glad I got to see this beast before the day drew to a close. MUGEN Mugen Mugen on the outside, Spoon on the inside, beautiful combination Red EM1 em1 em1 Beautiful, simply beautiful. Milano Red EM1, APRacing brakes, Regamasters, First Moulding front lip, Recaro seats, J's Wings.... EF ef Gold EF, Mugen NR10R Wheels, K Swapped, stunning. Luisjames EG civic EG Luis Jaimes KSwapped EG on Mugen M7 Wheels.. CRX CRx Del sol on Regamaster SW388 advert for coilovers Jose Jose Jose Eg Rear Wheels I met Jose at Eibach last year as I was checking out his car and have kept in touch with him via Instagram ever since. I literally managed to catch him as he was leaving! thankfully he got out of his car and had a chat & let me grab some photos of his Stunning EG. EG The same EG that was on the SKunk2 Stand but from the rear this time with the J's spoiler. White EG White EG parked up next to Jose.. Ricky Ricky Ricky Ricky's EM1 build that he's working on, I promised him i'd get a couple of shots as he's a great supporter of 6TWO1 & its the least I could do to say thank you CRX CRX Mind blowing CRX, Bride Seats, Mugen MF10 wheels, Spoon Calipers, J's racing lip.. Antoher sX Another amazing CRX.. ek9 Looks like its ready to go to a track day! EM1 I'm fairly positive this is the EM1 from Rywire from my first ever trip! downstar Sucks that I didnt get longer around. this photo I literally ran over to get before we left. I knew I hadn't got a photo of franks car & Now I'm annoyed I didnt get a better one. DC dc2 And with this Yellow DC2 on Regamaster's, Spoon Brakes, Spoon front lip & mugen wing, I bring to a close my Eibach coverage of 2014. I really hope you've enjoyed the coverage I have bought you. It was an experience having a trade stand there for me, a stressful one. One that I wont be repeating for a while, but I have to say a huge thank you to Whistler wheels for all their help, they made my time much easier! Also thank you to Ryan at rywire for the next blog post you will be seeing. you will love it! Thank you for reading. Adam advert for coilovers