advert for coilovers EIbach Eibach meet is now in its 10th year as a Honda meet. Starting out as just a small meet at the Eibach facility in Corona, CA. It has now turned into the biggest Honda only gathering on the West coast. This is the 3rd year I have came over & how things have changed for me. 6TWO1 has been going from strength to strength and I took the risk of having my own trade stand this year. In hindsight this wasn't the greatest ideas I've ever had coming off the back of South Mimm's Honda meet which was one of the businesses weekends of my life, having 3 days to get everything ready and It was just too much for me to take on all on my own. Luckily my dad offered to come out with me again, to help out on the stand on the day so I could also wander around and get the pictures I enjoy taking. I'm truly grateful for his help. Even with his help, I didn't get around as much as I liked, every time I left the booth I tried to be back within 20 minutes, as you will see from the photos this wasn't enough time to get everything, or even see everything. I saw from many of the photos already been posted I missed some of my favourite cars but that was part & parcel of having a stand this time around, next year I will go back but I wont take any stand or any merchandise to sell, I will just take myself & my camera. I need to thank Whistler wheels for their help with my trade stand. They really helped me out with getting everything I needed & also for taking me to some really nice casino for an awesome dinner! Their wheels will be in stock with me in the very near future. The night before the event we booked a hotel in Lake Elsinore so that the early start didn't have to be to unbearable. I woke up around 6am, this gave me enough time to pack the car with status seats after having a shower. In the hotel car park we also had some of team NVUS staying in the same hotel & they were up as we were leaving so I took the opportunity to get some photos. Coupe USDM 8th gen coupe *th Another Nice 8Th gen Clean Ek Clean Ek accord lead Really clean TSX, I also like how they're is an unmodified version just behind it. Sir I absolutely love this, I honestly do not know if it is a real SiR or a RHD Conversion but it is simply stunning. Sometimes these OEM+ Builds really get over looked but I thought this was stunning. RHD S2k RHD Another RHD. I'm not sure if its converted or not, I dont understand how I can tell. From what I understand the laws in america are not favourable for import cars. But either way this was beautiful. Fd2 FD2 Converted 8th Gen equipped with a Status Racing Ring Seat. Looked so awesome Status Another shot. We have these seats in STOCK at great prices. Ef Stunning EF. Absolutely breathtaking seeing one of these in such good condition. 8th gen Another Stunning 8Th Gen.. NVUS TEAM NVUS About to roll out... Getting to the event for 7am was pretty cool as a trader, it was nice to meet all the people who run it. Ryan & Adam from Eibach were both great, very helpful & very accommodating. Setting up my Booth that I'd bought from wallmart & the bloody thing was broken out of the packet. I couldn't believe it, my stress levels went up and we ended up just taping the legs together. Robert Robert who I met last year with his NSX has become a good friend to me. So I asked him to join me on my booth with his NSX. He turned up late just as they were shutting the traders gates but it was cool haha. booth My dad helped set up the T Shirts as we had taken so many, whilst I set up the Status racing seat which they had kindly sent me over for the day with the Status stands. I think for a first time our stand looked awesome with the addition of the Whistler wheels... Booth Accord Whistler wheels were just opposite us, their wheels look so awesome whatever they're on. The company owners are both fantastic guys and we're really excited to be working with them. crx CRx stats They also had this stunning CRX Del sol on their booth rocking a set of the KR1 Wheels & status seats fitted! Looks amazing. We have the seats in stock starting at £599 per seat & Wheels Starting at £449 for a set. J;s Racing front end js js sknk I had to check out this stunning EG on the Skunk2 Booth before the show started, at this point I was choosing what front lip to get my EG. I had to pass on the J's lip as it wouldnt fit on my front bumper when I cut it up a little soon as you will see. But what a stunning car. iloveoldschool The booth next to us was who were awesome people, funnily enough, my first ever trip to Los Angeles for the Honda's 3 years back I took some photos of the DA in Rywire! such a cool little story to me.. David David DPK David was on the Chronicles booth and his EJ Looked great, i LOVED the new Battle craft bonnet, to the point where I'm trying to get one in for myself. Nsx Michael's NSX has had a bit of a make over from last year, loosing the Gold Mugens going for a full TE37 set up, matt red wrap. I caught up with him and he told me he's looking at hitting the track next year in this monster. Cannot wait to see that... EK Super badass looking track Civic. Love the orange 949 Racing wheels. Stunnin Stunning NSX... Maxxis Amazing looking Tyres from Maxxis.... S2k S2000 Those tyres were fitted to this monster Spoon S2000.. Crz This beast of a CRZ really caught my eye, one of my favourite cars at the whole event.... dpk Another DPK Squad car, Mugen Front S2000 on amazing wheels, I might be wrong but I think they're Wedsports. I didnt have chance to look as I was rushing back to my stand as they'd just started letting people into the trade area. advert for coilovers I got my first walk around the actual show area car park at about 12pm. Just as the Sun started to hurt to be out in. Being as white as I am I roasted like a duck but went pink like a flamingo, it sucks, I hate being white. Crx First car I saw walking into the meet area was this stunning White CRX-Del Sol on CCW's take on the Enkei NT03 wheel. Beautiful... Ek Stunning EK from ATS Garage on WORK RSZ-R Wheels s2000 There was a group of 3 absolutely unbelievable S2000's all parked together. All Running amazing wheels, Status seats & a different body kit on each one. Incredible. The first was this Mugen roofed battleship grey S2000. blue Js stats Next was this blue J's racing kitted TE37 equipped S2000. Status Followed by the Laguna Seca Blue CE28, ITB'd Spoon'd S2000... CRZ Another beautiful CRX-Del Sol with a Mugen body kit, Rays RE30s & Spoon calipers.. Ep3 Tidy pre-facelift ep3.. Ep3 Mugen wheels Vivid Blue pearl EP3 on Chrome Mugen MF10s with Genuine Mugen kit... Stunning.... civic Aggressive TE37 set up on this Ep3... Looked amazing. DC5 DC5 Clean DC5 set up on the CCW's.. eg Eg6 on the 949 Racing wheels, I really do like these wheels. Flat teal Matt Teal wrapped 8th Gen Civic... DC2 Really like the colour of this DC2. Dark metallic Purple really pops in the Los Angeles sun.. FD2 Converted 8th gen on Mag blue RE30s... dc2 Pretty cool Neo Chrome subframe set up graf Graffiti Bay in this Yellow EK Accord This Accord coupe is one of my favourite build at the entire show. I need to find a build thread somewhere for it. Just beautiful & still has so much potential to be taken even further. I love it. Dc5 This RSX bought back memories of my old JDM Dc5 on Regamasters. Stunning.. Dc2 Stunning colour on the DC2 with the polished Blitz wheels dc2 LoiSpec spoon Was really great to catch the Loi Spec Garage crew. I managed to have a chat with the guys who are part of it. I love their cars, not just a "Track Theme" build, but their Hondas are all built for pure track use. I love it! dc2 Dc2 ITR Stunning Yellow Dc2 on TE37s... White White DB8 Integra on RPF01 blue Blue DB8 with a huge aero Set up... em1 Opposite Loispec was this EM1 with carbon hood & Mugen Wheels.. ek Stunning EK on Work Equips.. 8th 8th Gen Accord on Air suspension, great looking car. Another Older shape Accord coupe, I met the owner & he had just finished this, Eibach was its first outing. looks fantastic. s2000 Love the chunky tyre set up on this S2000 8th Another stunning 8Th gen.. Nemo I follow this incredible Supercharged K20 EG on Instagram, first saw it at Sema last year and wow has it come a long way. J's racing wing & TE37s now on with the First mouldings front lip.. Front This is what I'm closing part one out with today. Check back in for part 2 soon. I hope you've enjoyed the photos! If you share it please can you link back to our facebook page & Tag us on Instgram ! Thank you for your support Adam advert for coilovers