If you follow the Honda Diaries videos (which is coming back very soon) you will know who Harv is. I've known Harv properly since we were 18, now at 25 & we're still messing around with Honda's. But now its the Honda's we've always dreamed of messing around on. He found his perfect EK9 after almost 2 years of searching on Pistonheads, the only thing was it was in bloody Aberdeen. Aberdeen is almost the furthest away point from our house in the country. Typical. So, we booked a flight, got insurance and headed up there, fortunately the car was as near to the description as the guy described and we drove the 9 hour drive home in it. Fantastic little car as the journey wasn't bad at all. wheels Fast forward a month & He messages me needing some coilovers so he can also get his new TE37's on. So knowing a set of our coilovers is going on I wanted to do it quick so I can get photos to show you ! EK9 rear I'm not going to lie, All I did was take one of the original suspensions off, I got annoyed at something so decided to just annoy both Harv & Rich with snapchats for the rest of the evening, whilst they got hard at work! front suspenons suspesnion Front's on but sat slightly to low for what Harv wants, so we jacked it back up & wound it up a bit more.... Time to tackle the rears... rears With the EK9's uprated ARB's it made it a slightly harder job than it usually is... front rea Almost finished... Front done dont rear & We were done. The coilovers set up so Harv wont hit any arches on his absolutely pristine EK9 but will be able to drive it enthusiastically and enjoy the chassis of this car & The uprated suspension we make for it! We have Coilovers IN STOCK for EF/CRX (Fork) - EG - EK - DC2 - S2000 right now! And Ep3 - DC5 is not far off too. Prices are £630 for those in stock, we are also open today (Monday 4th May) Until 7PM! so come down & see what we have to offer !!