Welcome back to the blog! 

Today, is the first of the Customer Cars blog posts & we are starting off with a real good one! 

Today we are looking at @Luke_Ek9's Ek9 Type R! 

Before we jump in, Luke has been a customer of ours for a long time. Back when he was modifiying his first EJ9! We supplied him Coilovers & wheels for the Ej9 which looked fantastic & even featured on our stand at Mimms Honda Day a few years back! 


His Ej9 was fantastic, the blend of clean and sutble mods to make a big impact at any meet it went too! Lowered on our now discontinued 6TWO1 Coilovers  & Whistler Wheels KR7, it really was a fantastic looking car!

Luke then took ownership of a very familiar EK9 Type R to us here at 6TWO1 ! 

This Ek9 has been one of our customer cars since it was BOG Standard! The original owner spent an absolute fortune on Spoon Parts with us 

The Spoon n1 is one of the most popular exhausts we supply through PureCarModify.com, full range available here & finance qualified! : Spoon N1 Exhaust Range 

The Ek9 is one again on the 6TWO1 Coilovers, which we can no longer supply but we do have many other brands on offer ! EK Suspsenion Range Here

Takata Harnesses on Sale here  Takata Harnesses are one of the leading brands in saftey Harnesses, which we are official of!



Under the hood you will find a Genuine Spoon Sports rocker cover, HT Leads, Carbon Kevlar Plug cover & the Kevlar elbow all which we supplied! 

We are very proud of the relationship we have with Spoon Sports & can supply their whole catalog here: https://www.PureCarModify.com/product-category/Honda-Performance-Brands/spoon-sports



I dont have much information other than what I can remember, but Luke's Ek9 is a real beauty and Im glad to see him absoultely loving it ! 


You can follow Luke on Instagram at @Luke_Ek9


if you're a customer & you want car featured on the blog, please send photos & A spec list ideally with your contact details to Sales@PureCarModify.com with BLOG as title!

Thanks guys

Adam Ivell @Adamivell

6TWO1 @PureCarModify.com