A long way back now I met Wesley over in Holland on my trips. He started up a Social media hub via the means of facebook to collectively bring all of the 96-00 Owners Chassis from Hatch to Coupes, they showcase the finest & widest range of EK's Available! Being based in Holland they have asked me to look after the UK Market for their decals & being a friend I said i have no problem doing this, here are some examples of the cars representing the stickers!   Ek garage 3 ek garage 4 EK garage 5 ek garage 1 They come in 2 Sizes, 20CM - 2 Stickers in a pack : Available here ! //www.PureCarModify.com/product/ekgarage-20cm/ ek garage 2 50 CM : Available here! : //www.PureCarModify.com/product/ekgarage/ 1559067_674189055937296_946930091_o Click the picture below to head over to EKGARAGE & check the EXCLUSIVE deal we have made for all EKGARAGE fans!! EkGarage