After I had an awesome time hanging out at SEEKER JP, I headed on my way to Feels! Feels, Seeker & Type One are all in walking distance of each other, so at the bottom of this post I'll do a quick google screen grab so if any of you are heading over to Japan you know where to look! It's only a short walk between the shops, which is good as I remember on this day it was very hot.. Funny Honda NBox+ Custom (I think!) I spotted on the walk to FEEL'S One of my favourite things about Japan is the vast amount of drink machines everywhere, & how cheap they are! Its unreal, the only thing that wasn't coffee was this peach drink and it was delicious ! I arrived at FEEL's not really knowing what to expect! Since I booked the trip I almost went onto an internet black out so the whole trip for me would be exciting and not knowing what to expect to see ! The 2 FEEL's Demo / Race cars were parked up at the store, amazing... CRZ The CRZ is wild, Fully built & welded in cage with huge gussets.. Fully built K24 Engine.... Fully stripped interior, finished off simply by a Feels shift knob, Feels Carbon Seat & a Nardi wheel... Under the bonnet of the CRZ is a fully built K24 on ITBS.... Behind the CRZ is this stunning FD2 Type R... FD2 Interior, I love how you can see through the carbon fibre bonnet too... FEEL'S Seat... Inside the Bay you also see a set of ITB's being run on the K-Series... Such a badass looking car, the Carbon headlight deletes make it look so aggressive ! (Wouldn't advise this on a road car haha) APP Racing brakes gives the FD2 some serious stopping power.. Couple of Customers cars being worked on, S2000 & also a FD2 type r... The rear of their CRZ is just as awesome to look at as the rest of it, they have built one seriously cool car... I left FEEL'S with such an over whelming sensation of happiness from such a cool few hours which I spent with them, they made me feel so welcome & I ended up buying parts I didn't even need just because I wanted SOMETHING With their name on ! I know many of you look up to the other massive tuning companies, but after visiting FEEL'S I knew it wasn't all about having the fanciest shop, or the biggest tuning name in the business, it was about loving what you have created, one of the owners of FEEL'S Showed me around all of the cars, even though we could barely communicate due to the language barrier, I could feel how excited and proud he was of what he was doing & he has every right to be. Amazing company who build amazing cars. FEEL'S | HONDA TWIN CAM Below is the Map for the shops, top one is obvious to be TYPE ONE, the one on the left is SEEKER & the Far right is FEELS. Thank you for reading !