I've been promising this feature for a while now. I met up with Glenn & fellow Honda enthusiast Sam Brazier before we all went on our summer holidays, so the pictures themselves have actually taken a little while to surface, but I hope you all feel like it has been worth the wait.

I saw Glenn's car at a meet I had organised in Colchester one day early 2011. I'd never thought a car like this would have been built 20 minutes up the road from me. Took me by complete surprise, back then, I was a little timid in introducing myself to people & also, I was very, very hungover. So I took a couple of images, and hoped that we'd cross paths again as you do through various shows etc.

colchester meet photo

As time has progressed, I have become fairly good friends with Sam Braizer, who owned the Red EG6 I did the feature & photoshoot for in Total Honda magazine, Glenn is one of his close friends, so the universe worked its way pretty nicely in bringing us back together for the first of what I hope is many Photoshoots of his EG civic.

I want to give you a brief overview of the story, as I do plan on trying to get this featured in a big UK magazine. So I dont want to give away to much of the story. I really just want to give you the Photo set, but I also have photos with no background haha, So I'll do my best here but i really want to focus on his finished product instead of the build up, which I hope and assume you will be able to read in a magazine at some point in the future.

July 2010 was when the love affair for Glenn & his civic started. It really didn't take him to long to get bored of the civic as it stood, importing a set of SSR MK1 split rims from Japan. To make the wheels fit the civic, he had to do a hub conversion due to their 4x114.3 stud setup, which he purchased off of an MB6 VTI. Whilst he was doing the hub conversion, he also had a set of MeisterR super-lows to fit to the Civic to get it sitting how he imagined it to be. The SSR's have absolutely zero caliper clearance, so Glenn is having to run Extended lug nuts & Billet spacers for clearance.

Some time passed, as well as a few other choice modifications to the car, Glenn & his brother sorted out a lock up for them both to do some serious work on the cars. Ive stolen an image from his build thread on a forum to show you the state it was in when it went into the lock up..

Civic Glens image

Glenn set to work by getting the engine out, which was to be swapped with a B18C & Started tucking and smoothing the bay, all his own handy work. once this was complete, he then set about sanding the car down, removing all dents & Respraying the car in Desert Sage Metallic.

Front 1

There is a full spec list below of the car, but like I said, i really dont want to give to much away yet as the goal is to get this featured in a Magazine in the near future... So here is the photo set from the Civic, his brother owns an amazing S14 too which I will need to enquire about photographing but hopefully cant set something up.

Civic front


The conditions as we set out to take the pictures were not great, the road we found, that rarely gets used seemed to be everyones main destination for the day.

front on civic

front right


Glenn's Civic has received a lot of high praise on the forums that it has been posted too whilst also getting coverage on Fast car & Speedhunters website from the Players show recently.



rear eg

The Colour combined with the wheels, really makes this SiR2 look very unique. The fact this car has been built 25 minutes up the road from me, and not LA or somewhere else stateside is really cool. Not many cars get taken this far, in a small garage by the guy that owns it, normally they're shipped off to a garage to be done but I have a lot of respect for the huge amount of time and work that Glenn has invested in this car.



The finished bay...



The Eg's interior...


Genuine Bride on Spoon Low rails



we felt a change of location was due, being in chelmsford we headed up to the Uni, a place I never made it as far after dropping out of college to go work for Honda haha, looked very nice though.

1 college

civic 2 uni

civic 3 uni

civic 4 uni

civic 5

These are all the images from the shoot, like I've already said many times, I do hope to be able to get this featured in a magazine with a full backstory. So from this as long as you've enjoyed the pictures, I'm happy.


B18C JDM Dc2 Integra TypeR Engine 1.8L Skunk2 intake manifold AEM V2 air intake DC Sports 4-2-1 Manifold with Custom 2.5" collector Custom D Cat 5zigen Mid-pipe Custom Handmade 2.5" stainless backbox Magnecor Ignition Leads Aluminum Race Radiator Power Steering removal Air-con Removal H-Tune p28 Ecu

Full Wire tuck with custom loom parts Battery relocation Fuse box relocation Brake line and proportional valve relocation Carbon canister removal Injector wire tuck Wiper motor wire tuck Small washer bottle tucked Bay smoothed Fidanza Lightweight flywheel Exedy stage 1 clutch LSD Gear box with 4.7fd Handling;

Meister R Super-Low coilovers Cyberspeed rear lower control arms D2 rear camber arms Dc2 Integra TypeR front hubs and rear trailing arms Dc2 Integra TypeR brakes Rear tie bar


SSR Mk1 split wheels, 7J & 8J Custom billet aluminum rear wiper spike SiR/Vti front lip Single front wiper with extended blade Front badge removal and smoothed Respray in Desert Sage Metallic paint Honda Jazz mist washer jets


Full Gathers interior with door tweeters and tweeter map light Nardi dished steering wheel Snap off wheel boss Custom billet aluminum offset extended shifter Integra TypeR weighted gear knob Red Bride seat Spoon super low seat rail Oil Pressure gauge Oil Temperature gauge

fribt ib