I First saw this car last year, but due to the crowd I barely got to get a good photo, once again this year the EM1 was a huge crowd pleaser and its obvious to see why. EM1 EM1 Carbon Bay EM1 Struts I am not going to lie, this thing blows me away. The Carbon bay, the swap almost turning this thing into a S2000 in Em1 Clothing, how it looks like it completely belongs in there! Just wow... Internr 1 Interior Interior The Interior is just as breath taking, Redone to such a high quality with what I can assume are 1 off parts like the steering wheel & centre console. Absolutely beautiful. Engine Turbo Turbo hiding down in the bay... Work Polished Work Equip wheels with the Blue brembos behind the wheels finish off the build perfectly. The Car is lowered on air ride also, I was told it drives like a turbo'd Bagged S2000, it drifts too. What a stunning example of what the east coast is capable of. merch DOWNWTR