The final spotlight I'm putting on is arguably the most infamous car on the East coast. Albert Marty is a gentleman of the highest caliber, very humble, willing to talk with everyone at any time during the day. I interrupted him whilst he was cleaning his car and he stopped what he was doing, put down his detailing spray and spoke with me for a good 20 minutes, whilst we were talking, more guys come up and spoke with him and not one were turned away. Front Front Supercharged Ek engine bay Engine Supercharger Plaque The Engine he has built is a monster. Putting out a crazy 508bhp !! Lip Wheels stance The Car sits beautifully on the CCW's in Black, which contrasts so well against the orange paint ! rear Spoiler The rear looks awesome too, the Spoiler which I think is a Zeal, sat up on the raisers looks sick ! interior AEM On the inside the car hosts a Type2 Spoon steering wheel, along with AEM gauges so he can keep his eye on what the engine is doing... Bride inteiorr Bride seats up front with the rear interior seats reupholstered with bride materials.. rear Rear I love this car, I also respect the owner of this car fully. He's a great guy and I am already looking forward to HDay next year so we can hang out again! I hope you've liked this final spotlight from HDAY, and with that, the HDAY coverage is done.... Thank you for looking Adam merch DOWNWTR