I Loved HDAY as you may have seen by the 2 previous posts regarding the show, but I feel in those large blog posts the cars can sometimes get a bit lost. I made a conscious effort at the event to make sure I zoned in on the car's that were MY FAVOURITE. Not neccessarily the most expensive cars at the event but the ones that I liked the most, So im goign to start with the one car that I could not shut up about. Midori Front Midori 2 I spotted this Midori Green CR-V on Saturday, and over both days kept going back to look at it again and again. Front again CRV I just loved the colour, paired up with the Work Meister Wheels & how the car sat on them! Rear seat On the rear seats it had this custom VIP Arm rest. Trophy Obviously I wasn't the only person who enjoyed the CR-V. CR-V Front end So damn clean.. Side on CRV Also running clear rears, I loved it. The Owner is on Instagram : User name : @bori_RD1_Boss I Hope you've liked this slightly more up close look at the CRV, I Just wanted to single a few out and give a few more in-detail photos. More to come! merch DOWNWTR