Good morning to you all on this cold Saturday morning here in Essex!! hope you've all got a great weekend ahead of you. Today I am reaching out, to you. Specifically you reading this post right now. On November the 8th 2013, Super Typhoon Haiyan has affected a now estimated 10,000,000 people. Just read that number again, 10,000,000 people!! These people need us, They need food, medicine, essential items & Money Sunday the 24th of November, I am hosting a charity event at the Speedstore grounds in Colchester, The speedstore will NOT be open for business, we will be outside using the Car parks. No 6TWO1 Items are for sale on the day, 6TWO1 is SOULEY focused on getting Items needed for the Philippines. Local shops have started to donate some items for a raffle, 2£ a ticket ALL Proceeds go to the charity !!!! this is what is asking you to bring to donate please, donate what you can, EVERYTHING will be going to them and honestly every little thing will help!! all donations will help the people that really need it DATE.TIME.LOCATION DATE : SUNDAY 24th NOVEMBER Time : 12pm-4pm LOCATION: 6TWO1 SPEEDSTORE IVELL HOUSE,COMMERCE WAY COLCHESTER,CO28HH What we ask you to bring : -canned/bottled food -medicines (paracetamol, Ibuprofen, cough syrup) -sleeping bags/blankets/ -beddings/mosquito nets -toiletries -santiary towels -laundry/detergent soap -Money (We will go and get the required items with it) A Facebook event : See the people that are coming down to help! 10,000,000 Million people are in need of our help, please come down and show together we can make a difference!! There is no limit on what you can bring, this is not honda only, this is open to all kinds of transport, bikes, 4x4s, Cars, push bikes, quad bikes even if you're not into modified cars. Please just try and support If you can share this poster, post it on your facebooks, twitters, instagrams, tumblrs, Pintrests, anywhere! Just so we can get as much help as possible!! help If you cannot make it & would still like to donate, you can paypal me the money with DONATE in the subject matter to and I promise that this money will be used EVERY PENNY on the supplies above!! Paypal account : These people need you, they need us. ad1