Something slightly different today! If you're a follower of the blog, you'll know I used to post frequently. Well last year really turned my life as I knew it upside down, and I just couldnt bring myself to do it anymore. I lost a lot of myself and what I loved doing to some stuff that happened & I really hit a low point in my life. I realised I wasn't the same anymore, I knew something was wrong and I changed my focus half way through the year and decided I had to do something to spark my passion for life again. I am a guy who loves to do, not sit around and think what if... I picked myself up and decided to do something I'd never done before. Or even considered! It was between getting a tattoo & getting my bike licence. Well, I couldnt decide on a tattoo and I really didn't want to rush that decision so I went out and got a motorbike. I was told to start off small as I'd only ever ridden motorcross before and never to any level that I could be proud of, so was looking at 400's and low powered 650's. But my heart wasnt in them. I wanted the bike I'd always craved when I saw one. A CBR600RR. I looked at a few colours, Red/Black I thought would be cool as it could match my Civic, Blue ones looked nice and one day when I was browsing some dealers I saw this bright yellow factory spec 04 model.... and just bought it. I didnt even have my licence yet but I knew it was the bike for me.... CBR600RR CBR Rocket This bike, arrived to me on a sunny, summers afternoon. Right when I needed a pick me up, this came along. I still remember the feeling of seeing it for the first time, my heart was in my throat. I was so excited.. 2 of my toys The bike & The Civic together... Dials I bike came with just shy of 20,000 miles on the clock. I'm going to get it serviced this summer before I ride it properly. CBR600RR bike I want to talk you through how my tests went. As I passed my driving test back in 2007, first time, no problems what so ever. Back then the theory tests were a peice of piss, it was so easy It almost was a joke. The driving test, exactly the same, just dont go through a red light, kill anyone or crash and you pass. HARNESS ADVERT So I went in to do my theory test, thankfully I'd done some revision whilst sitting on the toilet a few times so I had some kind of idea of what the questions were going to be.. Well I passed, by 1 mark. I got 94% on the visual bit but the questions, some of them didn't even make sense!! My Mum is a first responder now locally and has basic medical training, I asked her about one of the questions and all 4 answers i was given (multiple choice) were wrong!! Unbelievable. rear Anyway onto the training - CBT - Easy, just like before, so simple. Dont crash and you pass it. Main training - I used Pheonix motorcycle school in Colchester. Aboslutely great, I had a blast learning! you were taught Bike control on a 600cc Honda, got to go out on the open road and ride a lot! Really gave me confidence on riding. I honestly love it. The new bike tests are not as simple though, they are broke down into 2 tests. Mod1 & Mod2. Mod1 is all based in a car park, basically like a school play ground to be honest all slow riding and moving around cones, doing stupid maneuvers without putting your feet down etc. MOd 2 Is riding out on the road with a tester. So Mod1 came around, I was for some reason, so friggin nervous. I dont get nervous anymore, or rarely do. Normally when I get nervous now it pushes me on to do it even more! But I got so worked up I ended up fucking up the figure of 8. Ohmygod I almost threw the bike on the floor. I could do the figure of 8 with my bloody eyes closed at the training school but here I put my foot down WHAT WAS I DOING!! I then put my foot down on the U Turn, knowing I'd already failed. I was gutted, heartbroken and annoyed at myself, infact no, I was FURIOUS at myself. To make it worse, the lady who I was learning with PASSED! I was embarrassed. I spoke to my instructor and he booked me on the next open space which luckily was only a week away!! I was very lucky, as most times you have to wait 2-3 months for a space! RER This time, I got a different guy testing me, I felt way more relaxed than the first time. Went and smashed it, didnt even get a minor fault, to make me feel even better when I sat with the tester he said "I hope when you do mod2 I get to test you on that, will be an easy day for me! No issues, be like a normally ride out with a mate". That made me feel so awesome, I hoped I got him too ! Haha. Lug nuts advert Well Mod2 day came around 4 days later. And behold! The same tester who passed me and came out and called my name!! I was so happy, felt so relaxed. Went out on the ride & once again, didn't do anything wrong, he said he gave me one mark down just so I wasnt too cocky, but I'll take that all day long! Rear Well, since I passed, I've ridden a good 2,000 miles on this thing and every time I ride it I fall more and more in love with it. It brings me so much happiness, its like nothing else I've ever done in my life!! But, I guess it means the tattoo is next up on the list of things to do before I die... If you're thinking about getting a bike, my only advise I can say is do it. Do it do it do it!! Just have respect for the absolutely crazy machine you're riding. Do not ride outside of your limits and learn the bike as you'd learn anything else. Go to meets and meet other bikes, always keep your eyes on other drivers as 9/10 you will be missed, even if your bike is bright fucking yellow like mine. But most importantly, just enjoy it. Life's too short and there are to many arseholes on this planet trying to make it even sorter and less enjoyable than it needs to be. Just have fun and smile. bike Thanks for reading guys, I know its not a car but it was a story I wanted to share... Adam HARNESS ADVERT Lug nuts advert