Going back in time once again this week to April 2012 when I was over in Holland! Pelle Hillebrand came to the Efella meet at Zandvoort track in his Black Honda Civic Coupe equipped with a B18C . In Pelle's 6 years of ownership, the coupe took many different guises, Pelle had always wanted a civic coupe because, as he states "It has a beautiful shape". Who am I to argue? coupe 1 When searching, he managed to find the one you see before you. Not looking exactly like this though, think..more standard with full factory fitted options which I am told is very rare in Holland. " I wanted to keep the original shape and wanted to improve the performance" Pelle explains. Searching forums for hours to come up with Ideas for his coupe, he started off buy putting in a minty fresh D16Z9 SOHC along with a Leather interior, which were soon replaced by the Buddyclub bucket seats you see in the pictures. bonnet up 2 setting to work on the handeling of the car, Pelle stiffened it all up with Omi Performance coilovers, EK9 swaybar, ASR Brace & X-Bar brace. Spoon Upgrading the brakes to the SiR model from the import civics. interior Love how the Buddyclub wheels look on the coupe.. coupe Deciding that power to weight was more important to him than his leather rear bench, that came straight out & proceeded to strip the whole rear of the car and with some friends swapped out the old SOHC vtec engine and fitted a freshly rebuilt B18C-r bonnet up Pelle wasnt happy with how the interior looked, so a fresh lick of paint was applied through out the cabin, this along with the engine swap took a whole 2 months to complete but the with the end result now in his possession he was very happy with the wait. rear Pelle explains to me his favourite modification on the car, is his ultra rare Purple speed EK9 front lip, he managed to get this from someone who had no idea what it was so I can only assume he got it for a bargain! front After 6 years, Pelle's time with coupe has come to an end, he now has a new project underway in the form of an S2000, so I hope he keeps us all updated with his progression. Thanks for reading. Spec list:

color :Granada Black Pearl rims and tires Buddy Club SF 16 inch Pirelli Zero Nero 195-45-16 brakes and more Ek4 SiR brakes Ek9 Swaybar @ the rear ASR brace X-bar OMI Performance coilovers (10k front en 8k rear) Engine B18C-R 98 spec rebuild 68 mm throttle body Toda camgears CP pistons ACL bearings Comptech airbox Greddy SP-2 catback Testpipe Neptune by Bekerom Tuning exterior Carbon hood Carbon trunklid Facelift conversion Ek9 headlights Top One winglets Ek9 grill Doobie Inc. carbon frontlip Ej6 rearlip Interior QSP steering wheel with snap-off oil pressure, oil temperature and volt meter Buddy Club racing spec seats QSP seat belts Stripped interior with grey paint extended shifter

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